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Rocket Choppa


  • The Rocket Choppa is a flying troop formerly usable only on Warships from Season 5 onwards, then changed to a Prototype Troop.
  • The Rocket Choppa attacks from a long range, and is fairly fragile, similar to the Zooka. When shot down, Rocket Choppas will deal a small amount of damage in a small radius when it crashes onto the ground, and drop 2 Zookas in its place.
  • As a flying unit, only a limited selection of Defensive Buildings can attack the Rocket Choppa, as described in the table below. The Rocket Choppa is also able to fly over all types of Mines.
  • Each Rocket Choppa costs 4 Gunboat Energy to deploy.

Visual Appearances

Rocket Choppas are orange in color, with 2 Zooka in the cockpit. A large rotor is on top, and a missile pod is on each side. It has blue accents. It has two wings with missile holders underneath. It has 3 wheels underneath the body.

Offensive Strategy

  • Rocket Choppas will often need protection from other units, because of its low hitpoints in relation to its size. Heavy Choppas are best for this task as it can help take hits from anti-air defenses.
  • One should be careful against Rocket Launchers. If tanking units move into their blind spot, they may focus on the Rocket Choppas. While the Rocket Choppas will be able to survive a salvo or two, it will go down if too many rockets hit it.
  • Cannons and Boom Cannons can also prove troublesome, as they can shoot down the Rocket Choppa in one hit.
  • Rocket Choppas can fly over the holes in the Warship deck which can be used to reach an Engine Room without meeting much resistance.

Defensive Strategy


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
14 33m 20s Long .35 Seconds
Damage per Shot
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost in Proto Tokens
12 1,450 1,059 370.65 35,000 N/A
13 1,500 1,099 384.65 40,000 250
14 1,550 1,138 398.3 45,000 350
15 1,600 1,178 412.3 50,000 450
16 1,650 1,218 426.3 55,000 550
17 1,700 1,258 440.3 60,000 650
18 1,750 1,297 453.95 65,000 750
19 1,800 1,337 467.95 70,000 850
20 1,850 1,377 481.95 75,000 950
21 1,900 1,416 495.6 80,000 1,050
22 1,950 1,456 509.6 85,000 1,150
23 2,000 1,496 523.6 90,000 1,250
24 2,050 1,535 537.25 95,000 1,350
Defenses Against Air Troops
Category Can Target Air Cannot Target Air
Defensive Buildings Sniper Tower
Machine Gun
Boom Cannon
Rocket Launcher
Shock Launcher
Traps None Mine
Boom Mine
Shock Mine
Prototype Defenses Shock Blaster
Lazor Beam
Doom Cannon
Hot Pot
Boom Surprise
Flotsam Cannon

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