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"Sets up a defensive shield around itself, protecting all buildings under the shield from gunboat projectiles. The shield dissipates if it's bombarded enough or if the building is destroyed."

Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3


  • The Sky Shield is a Prototype Defense that can be built inside the Weapon Lab.
  • Like other prototype defenses, they will only last for a limited duration after being deployed.
  • The Sky Shield projects a dome for the area directly around itself that blocks Gunboat Weaponry and their effects as long as it stands. It can only be damaged and destroyed by Artillery and Barrage, while the building itself is vulnerable to troops on the ground.
    • The dome's area of effect only accounts for the projectile's impact point. Projectiles with large areas of effect can partially bypass it if they land outside of the dome.
    • When either the building itself or the shield is destroyed, the other will fall immediately.

Offensive Strategy

  • Any strategies involving Smoke Screens and Flares are considerably less effective against Sky Shields, as it will prevent them from being placed under its sphere of influence. This can force the attacking force to take a less optimal route or outright invalidate it.
  • Shock Bombs can be used to stun defenses close to the edge without risk of interception.
  • It may be more beneficial to use an army composition strong to the defenses protected by the Sky Shield due to its high shield durability resulting in excessive expenditure of Gunboat Energy. For example, if the Sky Shield protects point defenses like Boom Cannons, mass infantry may be beneficial.

Defensive Strategy

  • Sky Shields should be ideally placed around ranged defenses that are popular Artillery/Barrage targets to maximize their range advantage. Optimal choices include Boom Cannons, Rocket Launchers, Shock Launchers and other Prototype Defenses. Frontline defenses don't work so well, as attackers will typically rely on their troops and render it moot.
    • Don't be afraid to cluster structures together inside the shield. As long as they are far from the edge, a single Shock Bomb will not be able to catch them.
  • As they block Smoke Screens, Sky Shields can also deny the use of Smokey Warrior strategies if placed around the Headquarters.


Building Size
Special Ability
3x3 6 Tiles Creates a shield around itself against Gunboat Weaponry
Mark Number
Shield Health
Build Cost Build Time
Weapon Lab
level Required
Critical Fuse
Complex Gear
Power Rod
Field Capacitor
1 20,000 20,000 0 2 0 4 1h 1
2 27,500 22,500 8 2 0 2 4h 4
3 35,000 25,000 3 3 9 3 12h 5