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"Hide your troops on the battlefield with Smoke Screen. Enemies won't be able to shoot at troops inside the smoke, but the troops inside can't shoot either."


  • The Smoke Screen is the sixth weapon unlocked for the Gunboat at Headquarters level 14.
  • Troops that walk into the Smoke Screen cannot be attacked, but the troops inside cannot attack either.
  • Each use costs 1 more Gunboat Energy than the previous, with a starting cost of 2 Gunboat Energy.

Offensive Strategy

  • Smoke Screens can be used to protect Troops like Zookas that come under fire from defenses that are dangerous to them or to protect Troops as they rush to the Headquarters.
  • A good strategy is Warriors, Smoke Screens, and Flares.
    • Use Smoke Screens to protect the Warriors while directing them to the Headquarters with a Flare.
    • At higher levels, or for Operations, one can use Zookas with Smoke Screens. It works the same like the Warrior, but they have a much higher damage output.
  • If your Troops begin to ineffectively spread out during an attack (e.g. a lone Tank moves up to a Cannon), but you don't want to move all of them with a Flare, it can be useful to cover the endangered Troop(s) with Smoke Screen until your other Troops can back them up.
  • Having some gaps between your Smoke Screens is okay because Troops will still be covered by smoke for about half a second after they leave it.
  • The Smoke Screen is good for approaching defenses that you cannot reach easily without getting noticed by the other defenses (e.g. getting to a far away Rocket Launcher when there are two Flamethrowers in the way).
    • This is mostly useful in Operations when you need a certain Defense taken out.
  • When your Troops are moving up to a defense that is dangerous against your strategy (e.g. Tanks up to a Cannon), Smoke Screen can be substituted for other Gunboat Weaponry and be used to cover your Troops until they are close enough and ready to fire at the defense in question. Once it clears, all Troops will attack at once, quickly eliminating the target. This works especially well when using Tanks, since they have high Damage Per Shot and their shots travel to the target quick enough so that they shouldn't get hit by the defense before destroying it - this works best if the defense has a rotating turret (such as a Cannon) that is pointed so that it will have to rotate in order to fire on your Troops; this way, there is a better chance the defense is destroyed before it fires.
    • Note that defenses with higher rates of fire - such as Flamethrowers - may still be able to attack your Troops before they are destroyed; however, these defenses will probably be destroyed before being able to do much damage (unless it's a match-up such as Riflemen vs. a Flamethrower).
  • The Smoke Screen will not prevent S.I.M.O., Microwav'rs, Mines, Boom Mines or Shock Mines from functioning normally. For other defenses, projectiles fired before smoke screen deployment will still hit, and defenses can also unintentionally strike your troops if they have splash damage.
  • If you choose to retreat, use Smoke Screens on your Troops to prevent damage to them while they are running to the Landing Craft to minimize casualties.
  • If a troop is low on health and is getting hit by defense(s), place a Smoke Screen on it so that the defense(s) switch targets/stop targeting it.

Upgrade Differences

  • Smoke Screen has no visual differences. Each upgrade increases its duration by 1 second.


  • The Smoke Screen resets troops' attack cooldown; therefore, when the Smoke Screen wears off, all troops that were under it will attack in sync.
  • Smoke Screens have been used for years in both land and naval warfare with varying purposes.


4.3 tiles
Research Cost
Combat Academy
Research Time
XP Gain
1 8s N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 9s 1,350,000 14 1d 8h 807 61
3 10s 1,950,000 15 1d 11h 976 64
4 11s 2,250,000 16 1d 11h 1,044 64
5 12s 3,000,000 17 1d 16h 1,242 68
6 13s 3,800,000 18 1d 17h 1,407 69
7 14s 4,600,000 24 1d 18h 1,566 70
8 15s 5,400,000 25 1d 19h 1,717 71
Number of Shots Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 2 2
2 3 5
3 4 9
4 5 14
5 6 20
6 7 27
7 8 35
8 9 44
9 10 54
10 11 65


Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 1 N/A 5
2 2 123,000 10
3 4 149,000 15
4 5 163,500 20
5 6 180,000 25
Total 615,500 75