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This page compiles any sneak peeks that Supercell has given about the next update to the game. This is not a page for update suggestions or speculations. All info here comes from official Supercell announcements. Check back every once and a while for new sneak peeks. There will be more sneak peeks as an update grows closer.

September 2016 (Implemented)


On the 5th of September 2016, Rlight from Supercell released this image as a Sneak Peek with the caption, "Commander, HQ has sent us a Sneak Peek! A new Prototype Defense, perhaps? Hmmmm....."


On the 6th of September 2016, Rlight from Supercell released another image, with the caption, "Commander, HQ has sent us another Sneak Peek! What could this be?"

June 2016 (Implemented)

Troop Loadouts! Save your troop loadouts to load troops easier. Gunboat 10 will give you 2 slots, and 13, 16, 19, 21 will give you additional slots.
6 2016 SP1
New Troop: Cryoneer! Unlocks at HQ 20, She freezes enemy buildings, slowing them down and dealing low damage. 
6 2016 SP2
Friendly battles in Task Forces! Challenge your Force mates to attack your base!
6 2016 SP3
New ranks including the LEGEND RANK!!
6 2016 SP4

March 2016 (Implemented)

Statue Storage! Store statues for a strategic advantage. The Statue Storage Building will unlock at HQ 13. Be careful! Once a statue has been placed, it cannot be stored.


Earning Victory Points raises your Rank (and also your rewards)


Earn five Victory Points to unlock a daily Supply Chest. The higher your Rank, the bigger the rewards...


The final sneak peek is the announcement of the addition of the level 22 Headquarters. It will unlock the seventh Sniper Tower and Boom Mine, the level 22 Armory, and a new level to all eight defensive buildings. The player can upgrade the Headquarters to level 22 at experience level 56.


October 2015 (Implemented)

On August 14th, Supercell revealed that they are currently developing the following additions to the game. Please keep in mind that these additions are not guaranteed and may be changed, delayed, or discarded entirely.
  • New Achievements
  • Improving the Hammerman Strikes Back event
  • Some system(s) to encourage gaining Victory Points and make it worthwhile to do so (the aim behind this is that matchmaking would benefit from a player-wide consensus to gain VPs)
  • Ability to see who hasn't done their Operation attack
  • Co-Leader rank
  • New prototype weapon

On October 14th, the Boom Beach developers held a Reddit Ask Me Anything and answered questions from players. In their answers, they revealed following changes coming in the next update:

  • New Prototype Defense called the Shield Generator that protects the HQ, effectively giving it more health
    • It can be placed anywhere on the base.
    • The Generator can be destroyed to disable the shield, but the shield itself is also attackable, so it can be knocked down without attacking the Generator. See the image below.
    • Using a Shock Bomb on a Shield Generator has no effect
  • New HQ level, HQ 21, which will include higher levels of buildings, troops (Armory level 21), and the level 21 Landing Craft
    • XP level 59 will be required to upgrade the HQ to level 21.
    • HQ 21 will have 160,000 base health.

HQ 20, Shield Generator, and Shock Mine
  • New defense called the Shock Mine that presumably shocks troops that trigger it
  • New Achievements
    • Co-operator
    • Explorer
    • Gear Up
    • Hammer Down
    • Outfitter
    • Perfectionist
    • Tickerer
  • The Hammerman Strikes Back event will be overhauled.
    • It will be split into 7 stages.
    • Hammerman will be using his Gunboat
  • Less Intel will be required to start Operations. The relative change is biggest for the small sized Task Forces.
  • Operations will have Prototype Defenses
  • New Operation Base layouts
  • New Task Force management tool to track Intel gain and Operation attacks (Image)
  • See who has not attacked yet in the current Operation (Image)
  • Improved Task Force recommendations and the option to load more recommendations
  • Ability to reinforce Landing Craft from the map
    • You will also see "Troops available for attack" on the map.
  • Visual tweaks to low level Cannons and the Armory
  • The Damage Amplifier will be "boosted a bit".

They also said that the update will be coming "next week" if everything goes according to plan.

Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peek Videos

June 2015 (Implemented)

Known Changes
  • Saved Base Layouts
  • Sharing replays with your Task Force
  • Critters won't follow flares, won't be healed by Medics or Medkits and won’t be affected by Magma statues
  • Critter stats will be visible on the Critter info screen in the Armory
  • Changes to Gearheart Reward thresholds

Bug Fixes

  • Medics will heal under smoke screens again
  • No more crashes for Russian players due to long texts (Weapon Lab crash)
  • Warriors won’t clump up at the HQ anymore
  • Swapped Landing Crafts will show correctly in scout mode
  • The Flare cannot be thrown on the pier anymore
  • Destroying Colonel Gearheart’s Damage Amplifiers will stop them working
  • Watching a Colonel Gearheart attack replay will show the correct HQ graphics

Sneak Peeks


May 2015 (Implemented)

Known Changes
  • New event and 6 day event cycle (Read more)
  • Activity Log Improvements (Read more)
  • New "defensive tools" and new Operations (Read more)
  • One-time name change option
  • Retreat confirmation
  • Improved Docks

Sneak Peeks

Sneak peeks are posted by Supercell on this forum thread. Visit it for videos about each sneak peek.






February 2015 (Implemented)

February 3, 2015
February 4, 2015

October 2014 (Implemented)

This image was posted by Tim from Supercell on the Boom Beach Forum on October 18th. No explanation whatsoever accompanied the image. Tim simply said, "I'll just leave this here..." The image appears to be Lt. Hammerman staring angrily into a bubble. A different Boom Beach logo is also shown in the corner of the image.
Soon after posting the previous image, Tim also posted this one saying, "I'll just leave this here, too..." The image shows three Riflemen raising their rifles together. It also shows the different Boom Beach logo again.
On the 19th, Tim started an actual Sneak Peeks thread and kicked it off by announcing Task Forces. See the thread.
On the 20th, Tim added the second sneak peek to the thread. Intel is gathered by people in a task force, and it is used to uncover the Blackguard Mainland. See the thread.
On the 21st, info about Operations was added to the sneak peek thread. See the thread.
On the 22nd this sneak peek was released detailing the attacks during the Operation. See the thread.