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Welcome, editors! From here, you can find out what is going on around the wiki and what needs to be done. This page is used to manage the on-going growth of the Boom Beach Wiki. Happy editing!

Wiki To-Do List


  • See the table below for pages that need attention.
  • Make sure the wiki is up-to-date with the recent game update.
  • Add strategies involving the Cryoneer, Heroes, and Prototype Troops to applicable Defensive Buildings pages
  • Add offensive strategies involving the new prototypes to troop and gunboat weaponry pages

Stat Confirmations

  • None


NOTE: For building images, images from the info screen or upgrade screen are preferred. Also, the syntax for building files is [Building Name (no spaces)][Level Number].png. For example, a good filename would be SniperTower8.png.

Other Ways to Improve the Wiki


If you have ideas for new pages, tables, calculators, or other features, post them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Marked Pages

Outdated Articles Incomplete Articles
Article stubs Pages that Need Attention
Future Updates Candidates for Deletion
Strategy Blogs Pending Approval Pages Marked for Cleanup
Pages Under Construction
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