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Strategy Blogs are comprehensive guides about a variety of aspects of Boom Beach such as laying out your base, choosing the best play style, and using different attack strategies.

If you would like to share your strategy advice and have it featured here, read the Strategy Blog Approval Process section below.

Featured Strategy Blogs

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Strategy Blog Approval Process

  1. Create a blog post and name it something that concisely tells readers what your strategy blog is about.
    • There is no need to include your username in the title. Your username will always be displayed alongside the title anyway.
    • You will need to have a Wikia account to write a blog post. Click here to create an account.
  2. Write your strategy blog.
    • If you need to publish it to save it in an unfinished state, you may want to add {{Construction}} to the top of your strategy blog.
    • Your strategy blog will need to have at least one relevant image to be featured in the Featured Strategy Blogs section near the top of this page. Besides, images are a great way to make your strategy blog better.
    • Good information organization is important.
  3. Once you have finished writing your strategy blog, you can request approval so that it can be added to this page.