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"The Stunner is one shockingly stunning troop that deals area damage - rather inaccurately! But his shock bomb grenades make up for his inaccuracy, stunning buildings and giving his teammates more time to attack."


  • The Stunner is a Prototype Troop that makes slow and inaccurate throws at enemy structures from a distance, which deal little damage but stun whatever caught in their large area of effect, preventing them from moving or attacking.
  • The Stunner is unlocked for players who have an Armory level of 13 or above and starts 1 level below the Armory level. It can be upgraded using Proto Tokens gained from events.

Visual Appearances

  • The Stunner looks very similar to the Grenadier, with the only difference being that the Stunner wears glasses, a helmet with a lightning bolt symbol, gloves and instead of grenades, he has an EMP grenade in his grenade belt.
  • His uniform underneath the vest appears similar to the Rifleman's.

Offensive Strategy

  • Stunners do not work well in their intended role, as their slow attack rate gives the player limited control compared to other, more flexible options, and can also result in friendly fire.
  • They can be used with other ranged units like Bombardiers, Grenadiers and Medics (which are usually included in strategies with Grenadiers) to minimize friendly fire, but their inaccurate throws often reduce their potency. Even within Grenadier-based compositions, however, Stunners are still of questionable use, since Grenadiers rely on outranging many defenses for maximum effect, and any damage dealt by Rocket Launchers can be promptly healed up by Medics, thereby removing the need to stun them.

Defensive Strategy

  • Stunners are easier to counter than Grenadiers due to their slow attack rate. Defenses that can outrange them like Shock Launchers, Boom Cannons, Rocket Launchers and Sniper Towers will prove vital against them.
  • Most Prototype Defenses can be effective against Stunners.
    • The Shock Blaster, Doom Cannon and Grappler all have the necessary range and means to defeat them quickly
    • The Hot Pot and Boom Surprise cannot outrange Stunners and can be potentially sniped. However, Stunners will not intentionally target them
    • The Damage Amplifier can be used to boost critical ranged defenses and improve their matchups against Stunners.
  • As in the case with Shock Bombs, try to space defensive buildings further apart so fewer ones can be disabled at once.
  • Do not place Economy and Support Buildings in front of your defenses, as an attack that overshot its target can potentially paralyze them.
  • The Bunker's matchup is generally poor against Stunners. Although immune to stun itself, most garrisoned troops (save for the Bombardier) cannot hit Stunners while inside, and they lose this immunity when upon the Bunker's destruction.


  • You can have a maximum of 40 Stunners in a complete set of fully upgraded Landing Crafts. However, doing so will outright eliminate most of your offensive capabilities.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Headquarters Level Required
6 15m

Moderate / 250

Very Long / 8 tiles 12.8s 14
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost in Proto Tokens
12 329 12.8 9,000 N/A
13 363 12.8 10,000 250
14 399 12.8 11,000 350
15 437 12.8 12,000 450
16 477 12.8 13,000 550
17 536 12.8 14,000 650
18 602 12.8 15,000 750
19 680 12.8 16,000 850
20 760 12.8 17,000 950
21 806 12.8 18,000 1,050
22 854 12.8 19,000 1,150
23 904 12.8 20,000 1,250
24 956 12.8 21,000 1,350
25 1,010 12.8 22,000 1,450
26 1,066 12.8 23,000 1,550


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 14 28 N/A 5
2 16 34 89,000 10
3 18 40 108,000 15
4 20 46 153,500 20
5 22 52 225,000 25
Total 575,500 75