Super MortarJ18
"Behold, the Super Mortar 3000! It will shred your troops to ribbons! MUHAHAHA!"

Super MortarJ18
Level 1-4


  • The Super Mortar is an improved version of a Mortar.
    • It has mechanics that are similar to the Mortar, but the Super Mortar has higher hitpoints and damage, as well as longer range, slightly slower firing rate, and no blind spot.
  • It appears on Lt. Hammerman's HQ base levels 25, 40 (2), 55, and 60 (2).
  • This Building cannot be built by the player.

Offensive Strategy

  • Generally, the best strategy to deal with the Super Mortar is simply to keep your Troops moving while they are in the Super Mortar's range. Due to its slow firing rate and its projectile's slow falling speed, it is very easy to have the Super Mortar miss.
  • It is generally not advised to attack a Super Mortar using Troops due to the extremely high damage that it can cause to any Troops attacking it.
  • The recommended way to destroy a Super Mortar is to use a Warrior composition.
    • The Warriors run fast enough to avoid any of the Super Mortar's shots as they approach it.
    • When they get close to the Super Mortar, shock it. Make sure you do not hit your Warriors. The Warriors should then be able to destroy the Super Mortar before it recovers.
    • Tiny Shock, when available, can prove much more useful when combined with this strategy.
    • If there are too many powerful defensive buildings that has the super mortar within their reach, a Remote Hack can deal significant damage to it indirectly. This becomes even more useful if the Remote Hack lasts long.
  • Despite being a more powerful version of the Mortar, the Super Mortar does not have a blind spot like the Mortar does. This makes it much harder to destroy the Super Mortar with Warriors.

Upgrade Differences

  • The Super Mortar does not have any visual upgrade differences.
  • The Super Mortar's barrel is similar to a convectional mortar, but the barrel has red plating around and a red dot sight on top. It is also surrounded by hazard plates.


  • The Super Mortar used to sometimes appear on Operations, but later, Supercell removed them from Operations. However, it now appears exclusively on Operation Duplexity.
  • The Super Mortar used to have a different sprite that looked more like a normal Mortar, colored red. This is true for the MMG 9000 as well. The old sprite for the Super Mortar can be found here.
  • The Super Mortar has the largest attack range of any building without a deadzone or a "blind spot".
  • The Super Mortar used to be named Super Mortar 3000, but Supercell renamed it.


Building Size
Attack Speed
Damage Type
Splash Radius
3x3 25 6s Splash 1.2 Tiles
Damage Per Second
Damage Per Shot
1 10,000 250 1,500
2 15,000 400 2,400
3 20,000 500 3,000
4 25,000 700 4,200
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