I run maxed out RZMC (3/2/2/1) with 9 attacking statues (90% GBE, 47% TH, 53% TD) and usually with no boost. Here are some observations:

1.     All bases without boosted ice are toasted. The worst I’ve seen was a maxed out base with 6 or 7 ice in the woods and it did not stand a chance.

2.     All maxed out corner bases even with up to 3-4 boosted ice are toasted. Just shoot the RLs and go from the opposite corner (usually from the left). If there is no more than 2 boosted ice then there is almost nothing to do apart from dropping critters in front of BCs / cannons or over packs of mines, shocking mortars, SB, and occasionally FT (or smoking the riflemen who came too close). More than two boosted ice might require some repositioning but it is still a kids play if it is a corner base.

3.     The most difficult to me (maxed out) bases are with the SB3 behind the HQ, SG3 somewhere in the back and 2+ boosted ice. These usually require smoking all the troops to the back and attacking from there. Sometimes I have to take them down when I have the boost burning either after OP or when farming for some very expensive upgrade.

4.     In comparison to classical RZM (4/2/2), RZMC seems much stronger against bases with boosted ice.

5.     The Cryoneers tend to run outside of the main troop pack and thus they are getting killed very fast by single shot defenses on the sides. The only way to protect them is to drop critters before BCs / cannons target them. However, this is not always possible.

I am at XP 60, VP 920-960.

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