A quick question on resource base capacity - there are a few questions that touch on this, but don't quite answer the question.

Say I have 2 'unbuffed' (no bonus statues that affect things) resource bases, 210/hr and the other 2,400/hr with capacities of 1,450 and 70,000 respectively.

For the first 6.9 hours you are producing 2,610 (equals 210 + 2,400) and both bases are busy filling up, and at that point (6.9 hours) the first is full (with 1450) while the 2nd is not even close (at that point, it only has 16,560 and is not even 1/4 full.)

So what happens then, and what is your total production per hour?  Is it 2,400/hour (e.g. the first base is full, so it stops producing?) or does it continue to produce 2,610/hour (e.g. the resources from the first 'full' storage are somehow shipped to the 2nd for storage?)  

Obviously the 2nd method would result in more resources being gathered.


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