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"Limits maximum damage taken even more and taunts all defensive buildings within range, forcing them to shoot at the hero for a time."


  • Taunt is a Hero Ability available for Pvt. Bullit starting at level 1.
  • Taunt greatly decreases Pvt. Bullit's damage limit, and forces all defenses in its area of effect to target him instead of other troops. After activation, Taunt will only expire on its own.
    • S.I.M.O.'s targeting priority is also overridden.
    • Defenses drawn by Taunt that cannot fire upon Pvt. Bullit will not attack at all. The damage limit, however, applies universally, regardless if they are within range or not.
  • Each use costs 2 more Gunboat Energy than the previous one, with a starting cost of 3 Energy.

Offensive Strategy

  • Taunt, though held back by its range, is very useful to protect your troops from enemy point defenses like Doom Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Cannons. Pvt. Bullit can essentially ignore their presence as he draws their fire. This is is important for armies that contain large units (Tank/Scorcher/Medic) vulnerable to them.
    • Defenses with longer range can be an issue unless other Gunboat Weaponry are used to deal with them.
  • Taunt also sees use with Smokey Warriors to save Gunboat Energy. Although it cannot activate under smoke, once it dissipates the ability will trigger immediately, allowing Shock Bombs to be used against other defenses.
  • Be very careful when using Taunt in the vicinity of area defenses like Machine Guns and Lazor Beams, as Taunt does not prevent them from hitting troops in their line of fire.
  • In some cases, Taunt can be an exceptional counter to Grapplers placed among point defenses. A base designed as such will soon find large clusters of defenses distracted while the rest of the army goes unopposed.
  • Taunt does not activate if Pvt. Bullit is stunned, instead occurring once it wears off, so beware of any defenses that can completely disable him such as a pair of Shock Launchers, a Shock Blaster or Shock Mines.

Defensive Strategy

  • Spread out point defenses to minimize Taunt's impact. Area defenses won't have to worry much, as they can do more damage with their rapid hits.


Area of Effect Radius
Trigger Radius
8.0s 6 Tiles
Damage Limit
Upgrade Cost
Hero Token
Upgrade Time
Instant (Time Only)
Hero Level Required
1 300 N/A N/A N/A 1
2 250 8 8h 119 3
3 200 16 16h 202 4
4 150 32 1d 8h 339 5
5 100 64 2d 16h 572 6
6 50 128 5d 8h 964 7
7 25 256 8d 1,304 12
Number of Uses
Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 3 3
2 5 8
3 7 15
4 9 24
5 11 35