• Hi, I was wondering what the highest level the Blackguard Bases - NPC - reach?  I am Lvl 53 with 515 VP and for the last few weeks I only see Level 60 Blackguard Bases.  Is that as high (tough) as they get?

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    • Apparently so. But some layouts are definitely harder than others.

      Some of the most challenging ones to me are Shock Therapy and Forward March because I use Tmed. To Warrior users, some layouts like Shocking Solution could be their more difficult ones.

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    • I was Level 44 back when i discovered and beat Level 42 Shocking Solution.

      Is that even a thing?

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    • You never know, the bases could be ridiculously underleveled in defenses

      Like having level 1 Shock Launchers and HQ15-standard defenses.

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    • I remembered it having 2 or 3 underleved defences, but the rest of them were pretty high level stuff.

      I completed it carelessly losing 2 Zookas.

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