• Hi.

    How can if edit the tread title for my recruitment thread?  The rules say that it can be edited, but I do not see that option.  I would be ok with deleting it and starting a new thread.

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    • Greetings IcMnNick,

      My apologies, I have been traveling and just now saw this message. If you still need help, all you need to do is click the 'More' dropdown button at the lower left corner of the initial message and select 'Edit'. It will give you the ability to edit both the title and the content of the message.

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    • Thanks. The only option avaiable is "history".  I think the issue is that I created the thread when I was not logged in, so only my IP address and not my user name is shown as the arthor.

      Can an admin delete this thread for me? I would like to start a new thread, but do not want to get banned for 2 weeks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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