• Hi Guys.  Being down 2 of 5 looks tough.  I'm not sure if you would consider a merger, but it you're active, we could take all 3 of you into our TF.  I am managing a 50 person TF.  It's been really difficult to recruit lately.  We have (or can make) 3 open slots.

    We're an established 50 player.  Our players are generally mature.  We don't allow bad language and try to keep things constructive.  I keep a (public) spreadsheet with participation/intel and kick people objectively based on participation.  We have players ranging in level from 41-63.  VP 255-796 (most in the 300-499 range).

    We do 3-4 ops per week, pushing for harder ones.  We can always beat Sour Grapes, we usually beat Bottleneck, we beat Tinderbox a couple of weeks back, but have had difficulties since.  We're averaging 25-30 attacks (depending on the operation) and I'd like to improve the number of active attackers.

    We basically want everyone to participate in operations.  Full boats, no retreats, and reasonably leveled troops.

    Msg me back if interested.

    VJ0QUL - The Wolf Pack

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