• What should I do if I'm poor on gold?

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    • In the short-term it would be best to just go for one big raiding session. If you don't have enough gold to load all your troops, take on Dr. T first; the easier stages should give you enough funding to train the rest. You can also take gold from Daily Rewards, Supply Chests and OP rewards if you're given the opportunity. If you're lucky, the Trader will offer you Gold from extra rewards or you may simply find Gold from the Trader Crates she gives you.

      If you do have enough gold for all your troops, then you're all set. A recommended army composition for this situation is one where losses are minimal, such as Tmed. Though it may be expensive, if you use them correctly you should not have any problems and you'll earn back more gold than you do if you used another army.

      In the long-term it would be best to upgrade your Residences as well as free up more villages. For the latter you will need to explore regions with your Radar. While it does cost Gold to explore such regions, it is of note that these are one-time investments; once an area has been explored, you do not have to do it again - eventually you'll break even with the extra Gold that the extra villages give you.

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    • Thanks! :D

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