• Hi Team,

    It would be good if you can pull up team member name during chat conversation.

    For example:

    I have team of 10 members in our Task Force group like syatam, rohan2916, pizza123, Morgan, Whitney, etc

    When I would like to message rohan2916, usually I type "@rohan2916, bla bla bla" instead if you can pull up @rohan2916 when I just start typing with "@r" would be good. 

    Whatsapp does that way... Hope, it will be considered. 

    Contact me if you didn't understand my request or if you need a video of the scenario. 


    Sreenu Yatam,

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    • Wait...Then it would be like Discord where trolls are pinging  each other all over the place and when you come back theres like 9999999999999999 notifications and your device is lagging out lets not do that please.

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    • yeah to get people's attention they like spam you until you get to the point of banning them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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