• Hello everyone!

    As a little thank-you to you editors of the Boom Beach Wiki, we have a monthly giveaway where you can win Diamonds! At the end of each month, one winner will receive 500 Diamonds delivered directly to their Boom Beach account, and the next month's giveaway will begin.

    Last month's winner is Ombror. Congratulations!

    How to Enter

    • Make at least one quality edit this month.
      • The edit should at least add a couple of words to the page. You will not qualify just by removing a comma or adding a space.
      • The edits can be on main article pages (e.g. Cryoneer or Trader) or on Blackguard Base pages.
    • Reply below with your in-game name and player tag (e.g. King Dragonhoff #2LQJQRR). Make sure you get this correct or we will not be able to get the Gems to your account.

    The winner will be selected randomly from the replies below and announced on the next giveaway's thread.

    Thank you for making the Boom Beach Wiki what it is, and good luck!

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    • Hello King Dragonhoff !

      Thank you for your respect...i would be happy when i enter the giveaway .

      I reall love this excellent wiki...because i find every information i need about the game,

      I am really happy because of what you did to the wiki...because of you (the wiki makers)

      we (wiki members) can easily contact to each other and all news of the game !

      I won't stop following your great wiki if you and other people do ! 

      My account's name is :

      X1 قاعدة الدمار

      and my account's tag is :


      Thank you and thanks to everyone who made this wiki better to help Boom Beach .

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    • Username: HerroPeople

      Tag: #9J2GU2VLV

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    • Thanks a lot ! 1st time in my life i win something ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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