• Question about operation rewards - how do they scale by op (/fp earned?)

    For the same player (assume for a moment no gain in level or XP between ops) how would reward vary for two different ops?

    For example, the player (and tf) beat Early Bird (60 force points) and get a reward.  The next day (and inbetween the player {remove that variable} does not gain any xp {again, another variable removed} beat Upper Lip (360 force points -- don't ask why the TF would do a much more difficult op :-)

    Now assume the rewards are the same type (again, keeping as many variables constantI don't know, say gold, wood and stone.)  Would the 2nd reward (for Upper Lip/360 fp's) be 6 times as much of each resource?

    Fundamentally, the question boils down to whether or not the reward is linear by fp's earned.

    My TF can't collect enough intel for the ops we can beat (forcing us to either do an easier op or wait until we collect enough intel)

    Note that the reward per intel does go up by op (for example, for a 50-person tf, and with my example above, Early Bird would offer 1.43 fp's per intel cost, while Upper Lip would offer 1.94 fp's per intel.)  But this isn't my question -- wondering if there is a liner or non-linear scale to the reward per force point earned for different ops, keeping as many variables constant.

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