• The global launch of Boom Beach was one year ago today. I started playing one or two days after the global launch. When did you start playing?




    * 4900 different Task Forces

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    • I started playing around October 2014, I think. I gave up CoC because it was boring, but then my friends told me there was another game. So yeah, here I am, as a level 14 HQ who's base gets wrecked every day by Hookas.

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    • 90K Medic-only attacks?


      Now that's something I would wanna do to add one to that counter next year :)

      How sensible that Zookas are used more often than Heavies, though :/ Must be its usage in Hooka, RZM, Scorcher+Zooka.

      MagmaHoundTalkUser Blog00:33,28-Mar-2015
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    • Oh, and I started at around mid-July, I think.

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    • A FANDOM user
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