• We have been stuck on Strong hold for some time now our TF is 45 players. Is there a way to assign Players to a troop load out? Also you all know it is the hardest thing to have all members in the chat room at one time how can we get around this?

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    • Notes is one way works well if people do read that... the chats often get lost... 

      Communication channels outside boom beach is another which generally TF's use.

      But generally you are a team on individual players you cannot effect how others will work. 

      It is all a matter of effectively managing a team i believe.. 

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    • Thanks, due to the team being all over the world it's the hardest thing to do get them all in the room at the same time, oh I see that you know most of the ppl don't read the notes. Do you think super cell we'll ever put the flag system in a update. It was something that was discussed when super was trying to figer out how we can communicate to the team?

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    • We are not SuperCell and i have not been long that around to say for certain. But i feel there is definitely room for improvement in TF communication systems. A lot of people use communication channel outside so that you don't use valuable online time and sorts. 

      I'm part of an international Tf, i understand the problems. We have had problems with taking out stuff. people who don't read notes.  Our TF have a no tolerance policy against not reading notes after 1 or 2 warnings. Then short notes on what should be general plan of attack is included on each base. Ithas been working for a while. 

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    • Thanks I give that a try.

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