• Anyone just noticed (as I have) that the last operation our TF kicked off yesterday had a lower maximum possible FP than the same op the day before?

    We started Upper Lip on Saturday & earned the 360/360 FP max. On Sunday (26 July) we started the same op, destroyed all 4 bases & earned 355/355.

    Presumably this lowers the value of the op reward so is it a sneaky bid by Supercell to reduce in game rewards by stealth?

    Anyone else able to look back over their last 2 ops & confirm if this is happening on ops of different levels?

    Cheers, BLOBB

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    • My TF does daily mambo and force points hasnt changed for a while has been 475 for as long as i can remember

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    • Thanks for that. Perversely the op reward went back to 360 on the next run. On the 355 FP run the gold reward was exactly the same as for the 360 FP run on this op that we did the next day - both were higher (by about 4%) than the 360 FP run before the FP went down though my XP lvl hasn't changed over these 3 days.

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