• Hey there. Thanks for submitting your strategy blogs. They have lots of great advice. I would, however, like to critique a few things.

    I think your strategy blogs would benefit a lot from the use of bullets instead of dashes. This will improve organization and readability. To use bullets, use asterisks like this:

    *Point One
    *Point Two
    **More info about point two
    *Point Three

    The above example renders like this:

    • Point One
    • Point Two
      • More info about point two
    • Point Three

    Also, your Way of the Berserker guide would benefit greatly from the use of a uniform font size, better information organization/separation, and maybe some pictures. Your Operation guide could also use more pictures to better get the point across better. Keep up the good work! :)

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    • Thank you, and noted. I'll go clean up the format when I can.

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    • You're welcome.

      I looked at your edit. Remember that the asterisks have to be the first thing on the line of code for them to produce bullets. The asterisks in the sections besides the trivia section have p tags in front of them which really do not need to be there anyway. Leave the p tags off and the text will be a good size by default.

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    • Thanks for the notes. Honestly I don't know where those p tags came from, I wasn't initially working from Source, I thought I was just using Heading and Normal text in the main editor.

      I think it's ready now.

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    • Approved! Although, I would like to point out that it may be best not to number your headers. It looks kind of strange on the table of contents especially. Just my opinion.

      Good job on the guide. I hope to see more from you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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