• im on a 50 man tf that is falling apart but runs tinderbox but would be larger if all attacked. Would it be worth while to branch of with 4 members (avg level 50 hq18) and just smash tank tango daily.most likely we could beat tickertape too.

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    • Depends on if you are in it for the boats, or the FP... and if you like bigger boats or more frequent boats.

      For bigger boats, do the biggest op you can handle (tango is bigger than ticker tape, but you could still handle it probably).  This will also get you the most FP.  Take rest days on Volcano Terror days when you need them, so you get double boats + terror + vp boat + sub if you time it right.

      For more frequent boats, just do the biggest op you can handle that you have the intel for each day.

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    • Simplify my question. Would op rewards be better for 5man tf that beats tango vs a 50 man that beats tinderbox.

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    • almost certainly the rewards would be much better for a 5 man tango crew.  WAY higher FP/player ratio, and also a higher intel req/player ratio

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    • Does anyone have proof tho.

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    • Yeah, we have a 5-man tf and we do Tank Tango everyday because we only have 3 ppl.  Now 4...

      The rewards are much better in a 5-man tf.  I was in a 25, the rewards sucked.  Even when we switched from a 5 to a 10 the same op rewards went down significantly.

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    • I was in a 5-man TF and then switched to a 50-man.  The rewards from 5-man Tank Tango were slightly better than the rewards for 50-man Bottleneck (my lvl46 gold reward was just over a million for 5-man tank tango and 945k for 50-man Bottleneck).  I'd guess that the 50-man Tinderbox reward would be either as good or better than the 5-man Tank Tango reward.  

      Also, and for what it's worth, the diamond award for 25-man Mambo is the same as that of the 50-man Bottleneck diamond award.  

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