• Hi, Hiigara.

    As we are both Canadians, I wanted to add some comments to your Way of Berserker page, but it seems locked for comments. I am from group #UVRCYLQ (in Russian: все офицеры) and my player tag is #28JCRY9GY (Russian name is Неуловимый Джо). I am 3 points short of XP 45 with about 440-450 VPs. I also play the way of berserker and I had to adjust my strategy after HQ 15. The players on my map are usually HQ 18-20, XP 46-50 with level 1 prototype (occasionally level 2) and 15-25% BH MP.

    There are several things in which I completely disagree with you and /or did not notice:

    1. Vault. That's the first priority after HQ upgrade as you need to be able to protect as much as possible of what you can't spent. Time to upgrade high-level troops is several days, so I routinely end up with 1-2 m gold, which I can't spent. In addition, it is nice to start clearing the map with a nice cushion of resources. Your vault is actually maxed out for your HQ, but I did not notice that in the blog.

    2. Statues.

    ICE. One good BH MP (if you are lucky) is very helpful as it simplifies control over resource bases and you need to farm for about a day anyway while high level LC, armory, etc. is being upgraded. A few of my RB's are at or near level 60 and they are attacked by XP 50-52 players. Without BH MP they'd just crush them.

    GBE. I completely disagree with you about GBE statues. I have 3 and I boost just MP for medium difficulty upgrade (like 21 place LC) and all magma/dark for a major upgrade (like gunboat 19). That allows me to destroy most, if not all, BCs and level 1 prototype even on a reasonably iced base (and most are iced now). After that, it is just the walk in the park.

    PCS. The stones are the source of PP and it not enough what you get from VP boat. You get 4 shards starting from VP 441, which is slightly more than 0.5 PP per day. I use 2 PP every day and 5-7 for a major upgrade. The sub is too slow at producing the stones, so the difference must come from bases. And that's where PCS helps.

    RR. I have two (48% MP and 18% Guardian). When both are boosted that’s 132% extra. An extra 18% guardian is roughly one to two bases less to attack and that could make a big difference. But that's a personal choice.

    LIFE. They are a good source of PP. I never had one at any level and I do not think that even a gold one is needed. If the residences are upgraded enough, they will produce enough gold overnight even if you had zero gold prior to the attack and failed completely. Alternatively, I would not start an attack if I don’t have enough gold to retrain the troops in case all are killed.

    3. Troops. Maxed out the primary troops (HZM) and routinely sell the troops overnight. At 200K cost it is a nice addition to some upgrade or a deeper dive, especially if I am scheduling a 3+ days upgrade in the armory. I would never tie the level of troops to the gold production.

    4. Resource production. As the farming time inevitably increases to about 12-24 hours, it becomes important to collect a decent amount of everything during that time. So, it is necessary to upgrade production.

    5. Defense. Once you unlock Hammerman Strikes Back, you need to be able to defeat him in order to get the parts for prototypes. He has too many troops, so the only way to defeat him is to have strong AOE defense: RL, mortars, SL, LB or SB, flamethrowers. You also need BCs and may be cannons to take down his heavies. The rest is useless. I did not have half of defenses until HQ 15. Then I placed the lab and pushed RL, mortars and BCs almost to the max.

    6. HQ on the beach. If you are berserker, your base will be taken down anyway. So, why not get some diamonds and intel on the way? I am getting raided between 2 and 7 times a day and occasionally I am getting over 10 diamonds and 4-5 intel per day just doing nothing! It is only when I place SB2 I occasionally place my HQ on the beach overnight and only after major upgrade.

    7. Attack plan. I need a Terror day and to clear out about 10 bases for a decent upgrade and probably over 15 for a major upgrade. Let’s say that that’s 5 players, 10 NPCs and 5 stages of Terror. The boost works for 3 hours. I sort the players in the decreasing difficulty and attack the most difficult first. Then attack a few NPCs (with no or almost no losses) and/or low level Terror, while the troops (HZM) are being retrained, then another player, again NPCs, etc… If the first one or two players are fairly strong, then I might need to wait 10-12 minutes after destroying the first player and attacking an NPC. I do not attack the players, which do not have enough resources or too strong to kill many of my troops. Once you are up for PP, you will almost never want to take resources from a VP boat and stones and trees from bases are long gone by now.

    I hope that you find these comments helpful.


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    • Hi there,

      Thank you for your well laid out and thoughtful response. I will now try to respond to each point. Side note, I didn't lock the blog to comments (I don't even know how to do that), so I think one of the admins did it once it was set into the Strategy Blogs page.

      Took a peek at your base...sorry bud, you definitely aren't a Berserker. You're a Generalist. No Berserker has that many defenses. Relatively reasonable base layout, but you're very vulnerable to a smokerush up your left wall once your rockets are popped. So many beach bases are like that...

      1) Vault: Yes it's important, I do upgrade it the very instant I've finished an HQ upgrade, yes I didn't say anything about it, I thought it was obvious that you had to upgrade it as much as possible. I can put in a note about it if you really want me to.

      2) Statues.Your comment on Ice and Resource Bases...I don't think you fully grasped the idea. Resource Bases, even with strong Green statues, give an utterly pathetic amount of income vs what a Berserker can get from raiding. They are nothing more than an emergency backup. Who cares if someone takes one of your RBs? Just take it back; you'll probably have better attack tech than them anyways.

      For GBE: Strongly boosted troops supported by one decent GBE MP can always, ALWAYS do a great deal more damage than badly boosted troops with a lot of GBE. The GBE Guardians simply don't give enough on their own to be worth as much as a good Magma Guardian. And in terms of powdering, good strategies don't need that much power powder. The best ones require 0. I'm at level 40, hq 16 now, regularly popping iced HQ 18-20 players with prototypes, and often the only thing I have powdered is my RR MP; nothing combat related. A lot of the arguments people are making against some of my tactics seem to be based on strategies involving a lot of GBE statues constantly powdered. Depending that much on a limited resource is just too inefficient.

      For PCS: Why on earth are you spending that much PP per day, and especially that much for one single major upgrade? You shouldn't need to. For a major upgrade I might spend 1, on my RR MP. That's it. I can get what I need in that single three hour burst. It's far more efficient. So any PCS, even a masterpiece, is a waste of a slot to me; I already get plenty from the sub, VP, base strikes, etc...

      For Life: A good Gold MP is better for the lower levels. Like I said in the blog, once you get around HQ 15 or 16 you can toss it; I never actually ended up getting a good one produced before I got to that HQ level so I just powdered them (which I do also mention to build through to get powder).

      3) Troops: Tying the level of the troops to the gold production is, again, good for the lower levels, but you can max them later once you need serious hitting power (which I'm only 1 level each away from doing). Selling the troops overnight...200k at HQ 15 or even 13 is practically nothing. I would rather keep a good army ready at all times, especially when my TF is getting ready to start another Op.

      4) Resource production: Farming time? Do you mean hitting enemy bases for resources or just relying on production? If it's the former then why is it taking you 12-24 hours? That's way too slow. If it's the latter...I don't think you've grasped the concept of what a Berserker is. I did max out almost all of my production buildings (only missing a level on my iron mine at the moment) so that I could get the XP I need to get to the next HQ level, but the amount of resources I can get from raiding in 3 hours is about the same as my production buildings and RBs going full tilt for about 3 days, possibly more. I never rely on standard production for my main income, it's just too low. I even did a comment on another post where I calculated the maximum theoretical gold production with every statue slot filled with the best possible combination of Life statues and permanently powdered, and I could still beat that rate hand over fist.

      5) Defense: First note, prototypes are defensive only, which true Berserkers like myself couldn't care less about. Second note, Hammerman Strikes Back isn't the only source of those components; Gearheart also gives decent chunks of them even if you don't drop the factory. If it's a layout I can't kill I still get at least to tier 4, which gives me several components.

      6) HQ on the beach: A true Berserker doesn't have defenses strong enough to stop anyone, so even if I did try a more protective layout I still wouldn't get any diamonds or intel from defenses, barring some moron who really screws up (which I have seen more often than I expected to :) ). And another Berserker in my TF sneakily hid a rocket launcher behind trees in range of his HQ; a surprising number of people seem to miss it before attacking, he's posted some quite hilarious defense videos. But I won't bother; I get plenty of diamonds and intel from attacks.

      7) Attack plan: I also focus on the Terror days, as I mentioned in the blog. For the attack order I go by the best combination of rich and defeatable, and always the most difficult sources first. Normally it takes me about 6 to 8 players, and at least 5 terror stages (I've done 6 once), then the sub/freighter/VP boat/other boats as needed, and if I'm a tad short a few NPC bases. I can do all of that inside 3 hours, with only the RR statue powdered. You should always go for the most difficult but rich sources first since as you build up more, the more you'll lose from someone hitting you. The boats/sub/trees/rocks you can grab any time you want, and Terror and NPC bases are very easy sources too that you can usually grind through very, very quickly. So do the hard gruntwork with player bases early to get you close to the amount you want, then blast through the easy stuff quickly to finish it off and start the build.

      Overall, it was a fair discussion. Despite what you said at the beginning, as I mentioned before honestly you don't follow this playstyle, you are definitely Generalist with a slightly higher offensive focus. But still, a good healthy debate.

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    • Hi, thanks for reply. I see your point about TH and TD guardians. I will think about tossing PCS and maybe even BH and replacing it/them by TH and/or TD guardian. I am also not much concerned about the terminology and whether you call my base a generalist or something else. As I wrote my base was almost like yours till HQ 15 with only half of defenses and all at level 1 or 2. I had to adjust the strategy after HQ 16.

      Here are some comments and numbers. Let's take today. Two days ago I sent zookas for level 18 upgrade and upgraded LC to 21 places (level 17). So yesterday when I upgraded another LC I ended up with 1.5 M gold and nowhere to spend.

      So a starting position today evening is 1.5M gold, 500K wood, about 300K stones and 300K iron. To upgrade heavies to level 19 and another LC I needed to have 4.3 M / 2.3M / 1.9M  / 1.2M. Getting a fat player is like fishing and in fact, some of my NPCs start to beat some players in terms of resources (except gold). So today's math (if I boost RR and GBE MPs) is as follows: I could take down Terror and then either 9 fattest players (and end up with extra about 1.5M gold) of just 3 players and 12 NPCs. NPCs are nearly lossless whereas the players almost always result is some losses. So I did 3 players, 12 NPCs and Terror in about a hour non stop instead of 3 hours and then beached my HQ because I have nothing left.  

      I use 2 PP because I boost GBE and RR MPs so that to have 114% RR. Without boosting RR I would need to take down 10-11 players and 5-6 NPCs today. My primary troops, armory, barrages, artillery are already maxed out for my HQ, so once I upgrade all LCs to 21 places, I think that I will just mostly farm till XP 46 so that to get HQ 19 and then two upgrades on the vault. I definitely don't want to take down the players in order to upgrades defenses.

      Now about farming. LC 17 takes 18 hours to upgrade, so you just farm for a day as there is nothinng to do in the game. All my RBs bring about 600K / 350K / 250K / 170K over 24 hours. That's 2-3 attacks less. That becomes important when you need to do 10-15 attacks in a row.

      Now the interesting part. We more and more need diamonds to speed up upgrades  in the armory as otherwise it is becoming too damn long. Zookas 18, for example, take 3 days 10 hours! I actually paid today around 300 diamond to cut about 35 hours off that. And if we are not buying diamonds for real money (and I don't, of course) then we need to earn them in the game. So if a base kills just 10 places worth of troops (let's say 2 heavies and a zooka) then we get an intel and a diamond. Even with SB 2 my base is no match even for a farmer, not to say a berserker. But occasionally people make catastrophic mistakes and then burn all the troops on my base. Well, thanks for diamonds. 

      It was an intersting discussion and thanks for your opinion.

      My point is that BB is a long term strategy game and the strategy changes as we progress in the game. And I think that the stategy changes around HQ 16.

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    • Hey, I just wanted to point out that I did not disable commenting on your strategy blog. You unchecked the box that says "commenting" near the edit summary before publishing your strategy blog.

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    • King Dragonhoff wrote:
      Hey, I just wanted to point out that I did not disable commenting on your strategy blog. You unchecked the box that says "commenting" near the edit summary before publishing your strategy blog.

      oops...didn't know that did that. I turned it back on.

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    • And to KKKmail's last post...

      I haven't yet seen npc bases worth more than players when I cycle on a Terror day, but yes npc bases are usually lossless. However, often player bases can be lossless or very minimal losses, I do sometimes hit players with partial boats. And my main runs are often done in less than the three hours of one powdering of my RR MP.

      And I don't usually spend diamonds to speed up an upgrade, barring special circumstances where I might spend 20 or so. For stuff to do while waiting: Ops, resource base tag, Gearheart, Terror for crystals and Intel. Plenty to do :)

      Thanks for the discussion

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    • After thinking about your great idea to refresh players on a Terror day I have a question. I am getting to the point that the cost of major upgrades becomes so large that I may want to have two Terrors (and in the worst case up 6 hours of uninterrupted play): you start beating Tropical Terror close to its end, then go over players in between Terrors and then beat Volcano Terror. My guess is that at HQ 19 or above this may become important and that some people will do just that. Which means that refreshing at the beginning of Volcano Terror may give the fattest players at high XP level. However, Terror ends at 2:00 AM and then starts at 5:00 AM and not too many people can stay up the whole night just for a game! So the question is if you or anybody tried to refresh players slightly after beginning of Volcano Terror anf if yes is there any significant difference? Thanks.

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    • can't really guess on the timing. Remember, you're dealing with world-wide players in many different timezones, so there isn't really a "good" time to try. Personally, however, I've had fairly decent luck doing the refresh early in the morning of a Terror day, many players seem to try to do a big buildup early in the event to try and get it through before others wake up. I'd say experiment; try doing the whole lot of them at certain points of the day and see what you get.

      And as for the really big upgrades...don't forget about Leapfrogging as I mentioned in the blog. Most of my really pricy upgrades have relied on that recently; I'm starting to see tech upgrades in the Armory worth 10 times my perfect protection quantity of my vault, but I've been Leapfrogging off of an upgrade that protects over 3 times what my vault does, and I can easily get the amount for that upgrade without diamonds. It's a really handy technique.

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    • Thanks for the idea about refreshing on the early morning of Terror day. I did leapfrogging at lower levels when the vault was not protecting sufficient percentage of resources. However, I do not think that it is usefull for higher levels. At level 17 the vault protects 82% over 500K gold. So, let's say that you have 3M gold, do some upgrade for that amount and then cancel it tomorrow. You will get 1.5M gold back. However, if you just sit overnight, then you have to be hit 5 times in order for leapfrogging to make sense. If you do one Terror at night and the other one in the morning then it is fairly unlikely that you will be hit 5 times overnight. Moreover, the gold does not seem to be an issue at higher levels. It is rather iron or stone. By the time you get enough iron you will have tons of gold, provided that you did no start from zero.

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    • Perhaps. But still it's a viable tactic.

      Happy hunting :)

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    • Hi, Kiljaedenas. That's me again. I was thinking about your idea to scout the players slightly after beginning of Terror. You are, of course, right that that the players are all over the world. Terror day starts at 5 AM of the time zone of the player. So, if we could make more or less intelligent guess about where the player is, then we could increase the chances of catching a fat player. I do get a lot of players with Chinese and other strange to me languages. So my guess was that their 5 AM is like 9 - 11 PM EST and that if I scout such players a few hours after that time, then I will have a good chance to catch a fat one. And here we are! After scouting a clearly Chinese looking to me player at about 1 AM EST I got him at 2 hours 45 minutes boost left on the magma/dark statues! I wish that I scouted him 15-30 minutes later but that was still a very good catch! The point is that if we could guess the time zone of the player, then we can substantially increase the chances of a very large loot.

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