• I've been wondering about the various player skill levels with Ops so I decided to ask this question:

    What is the highest level Op that you have been able to fully solo a base from?

    By solo I mean kill the core before anyone else has done anything to the base. No previous attacks, no sabotage, no nothing. 

    For some perspective, please also include your player and HQ levels, and how many times you've been able to solo a base for that Op. I'll start:

    I (Hiigara in-game) at player level 42, HQ 17, have been able to solo Sour Grapes bases 3 times.

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    • The closest I've done to a solo is my mini being a HQ12 taking all the Force Points from a Charleston Quay (level 62, 76 FP). Unfortunately, previously someone attacked, slightly damaging some of the buildings, none of which were on my attack route.

      As for my main, I just ask Strib or Juan to solo bases there, usually Gambit :P

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    • Ah yes, Gambit. That's a fun one, I've probably soloed more incarnations of that one through the ops than any other, Grapes being the highest one.

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    • I've soloed Assembly with scorchers in Bottleneck :)

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    • wrote:
      I've soloed Assembly with scorchers in Bottleneck :)

      Your player and HQ level?

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    • Hardest one I've soloed is lvl 78 Quota in Upper Lip. Used TMeds. I'm Exp 48. 

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