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"Time Savers are used to skip a short amount of time."


  • Time Savers are type of currency used to speed up construction, upgrades (buildings, Armory, Heroes and their abilities), troop training and statue construction.
  • You can see how many Time Savers you have via the Inventory button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Left sidebar will show number of Time Savers you currently have, along with Trader Tickets, Hero Tokens and Power Powder.
  • When a Time Saver is used, it will instantly expedite a timer by 15 minutes. If less than 15 minutes remain, the timer ends instantly.


  • There are several sources of Time Savers:
Combat Academy
Time Saver
Daily Reward 1-4
Supply Chest 1-4
Operation reward 1-7
Submarine dive 2-6
Trader offers 5 (for Diamonds 10 Diamonds)
10 (for Diamonds 20 Diamonds)
Boom Pass 100 each Season
Only with Boom Pass!

Comparing with Diamonds

  • Generally, for short timers Time Savers are better than Diamonds.
Value of 1 Time Saver
1 6,2959375
2 5,29900401
3 4,790715184
4 4,459930471
5 4,219165566
6 4,032126903
7 3,880471745
8 3,753720467

Recommended Uses:

  • For Buildings with short Building Time
  • To Speed up the Troops Training