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Tiny Shock
"Launch the Tiny Shock at a defensive building and stun and freeze it for a long duration. Use it to disable key defensive buildings! Only targets a single structure."


  • Tiny Shock is a Temporary Gunboat Ability that is occasionally available for players who have an Armory level of 8 or above, and automatically scales to its level.
  • Tiny Shock stuns a single defense for 30 seconds on hit.
  • Each use costs 3 more Gunboat Energy than the previous, with a starting cost of 3 Gunboat Energy.

Offensive Strategy

  • Tiny Shocks are best used for stopping specific defenses (which depends on your troop composition) that would otherwise cost too much energy to stun with Shock Bombs.

Defensive Strategy

  • The Sky Shield is much more effective against Tiny Shock than it seems, as it must land directly on its desired target.


  • Tiny Shock are very similar to EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses) which disrupt and cripple electronic equipment.
  • Back then, the tiny shock only lasted 20 seconds.
  • Tiny Shock's effect may be a callback to Shock Bomb's beta iteration, which can stun only one structure.


Number of Shots Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 3 3
2 6 9
3 9 18
4 12 30
5 15 45