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General Information

  • The Trader is a mysterious character who visits your island every week in a large red submarine.
  • She arrives at midnight GMT on Thursday night and leaves at the same time on Sunday night. There can be extra or longer Trader arrivals at certain instances.
  • She offers Trader Crates as well as some other offers.

Trader Ticket

Icon trader ticket
  • Trader Tickets are obtained in three ways: collecting a Daily Reward, collecting a Supply Chest or buying more from the Trader's extra offers (if available). The former two options yield 1 Trader Ticket regardless of your Rank.
    • Trader Tickets are also obtained from Warships season rewards. It depends on your rank in Warships.
  • Trader Tickets are used for obtaining Trader Crates.

Trader Crate

  • Trader Crates are obtained using Trader Tickets. The first Trader Crate per week is free but subsequent Trader Crates will cost you 3 Trader Tickets each.
  • Each Trader Crate contains random rewards, including basic resources, Power Stones and Prototype Modules, but will guarantee at least one Hero Token.
  • Resources gained this way can go past the Storage capacities without being lost.

Extra Offers

  • Every time the Trader arrives, in addition to offering Trader Crates, she will also offer three different extra offers which can be used to trade for other types of Resources.
  • There are three offers available at a time. Some of these extra offers may only be purchased once while others may be purchased more than once.
  • The offers are replaced with three new offers every 24 hours. Alternatively, they can manually be rerolled at the cost of 20 diamonds, and will also be immediately replaced if all three offers are sold out.
  • These trades include, but are not limited to:
    • Additional Trader Tickets for Diamonds
    • Hero Tokens for Resources, including Diamonds
    • A particular type of resource for another particular type of resource (e.g. Gold for Wood)
    • A particular type of resource for Power Stones
    • One or more of certain type of Power Stone for a different type of Power Stone (e.g. 3 Life Crystals for 3 Dark Crystals).
    • Several of certain type of Power Stone for Power Powder.
    • One or more of a certain Prototype Module for a different Prototype Module (e.g. 3 Power Rods for 3 Critical Fuses)
    • Classified Items for diamonds
    • Time Savers for diamonds

Cyber Trader

Cyber Trader1

Trader face in T.V screen

Cyber Trader2

Glitch in T.V screen

  • The Cyber Trader was a special version of the Trader which first appeared for a single day on November 27th, 2023, for Cyber Monday.
  • It again returned on March 7th, 2024.
  • It appeared to be a robot wearing the Trader's hat and jacket.
  • All of its trade offers cost Hero Tokens, which could be traded for items such as Time Savers, Power Stones, Power Powder, Prototype Modules, and Classified Items.
  • The offers cost a single Trader Ticket to reroll, instead of diamonds.
  • The Trader Crates sold by the Cyber Trader were identical to the ones from the normal Trader.
  • It is unknown if or when the Cyber Trader will return.

Beachmas Trader

Beachmas Trader
  • The Beachmas Trader was the Christmas version of the trader. She first appeared on December 22, 2023 and lasted up to 10 days.
  • She was dressed like Santa Claus, holding a bell and wearing colored lights.
  • Her offers were no different from the normal trader, but players could purchase some of her items at a 50% discount.
  • Rerolling new offers costs 30 diamonds instead of 20.