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General Information

  • The Trader is a mysterious character who visits your island every week in a large red submarine.
  • She arrives at midnight GMT on Thursday night and leaves at the same time on Sunday night. There can be extra or longer Trader arrivals at certain instances.
  • She offers Trader Crates as well as some other offers.

Trader Ticket

Icon trader ticket.png
  • Trader Tickets are obtained in three ways: collecting a Daily Reward, collecting a Supply Chest or buying more from the Trader's extra offers (if available). The former two options yield 1 Trader Ticket regardless of your Rank.
    • Trader Tickets are also obtained from Warships season rewards. It depends on your rank in Warships.
  • Trader Tickets are used for obtaining Trader Crates.

Trader Crate

  • Trader Crates are obtained using Trader Tickets. The first Trader Crate per week is free but subsequent Trader Crates will cost you 3 Trader Tickets each.
  • Each Trader Crate contains random rewards, including basic resources, Power Stones and Prototype Modules, but will guarantee at least one Hero Token.
  • Resources gained this way can go past the Storage capacities without being lost.

Extra Offers

  • Every time the Trader arrives, in addition to offering Trader Crates, she will also offer three different extra offers which can be used to trade for other types of Resources.
  • There are three offers available every week. Some of these extra offers may only be purchased once while others may be purchased more than once.
  • These trades include, but are not limited to:
    • Additional Trader Tickets for Diamonds
    • Hero Tokens for Resources, including Diamonds
    • A particular type of resource for another particular type of resource (e.g. Gold for Wood)
    • A particular type of resource for Power Stones
    • One or more of certain type of Power Stone for a different type of Power Stone (e.g. 3 Life Crystals for 3 Dark Crystals).
    • Several of certain type of Power Stone for Power Powder.
    • One or more of a certain Prototype Module for a different Prototype Module (e.g. 3 Power Rods for 3 Critical Fuses)