YT: General Masher

aka Andrei Konstantin

  • I live in Aleutian Islands, Alaska
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Russian Rebel fighting the Blackguard
  • I am Male

Who is General Masher?

When you're new to me being here, that's the first question you're very likely gonna ask. I am GMasher (I'm called Major Masher in Boom Beach), a low level player who is level 31 with about 410 vp. My plan on this wiki is to post any guides that will prove useful for any newbies. As well as entertaining people with some random moments. If you want to know more about me, I'll explain:


I'll go over the most important buildings first and then talk about more overlooked buildings later on:

Primary Buildings

My HQ is level 13, I'm getting pretty far!

My sculptor is level 4, I know it's a baby sculptor!

My landing crafts are all level 12.

My armory is level 10, I believe, I'll change it if it's wrong.

My gunboat is level 13, don't have too much energy.

Secondary Buildings

My vault is level 12, can be a minor help but isn't mandatory to upgrade 1st.

My radar is level 12, it's actually helping me since I'm getting more bases to attack.

My submarine is level 4, still not using it as often.

Other Buildings

My storages are (almost) maxed and I only have 4 sniper tower level 1 as the defences (with level 1 mines), my base layout is illuminati confirmed!

So now you know me!

If you have any questions, post those on my message wall and I will answer those ASAP!

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