Император МД

aka Император

  • I live in Russia
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is Task Force Leader
  • I am Heavy
  • Император МД


    March 18, 2019 by Император МД

    Hello everyone! In this blog post you can find many interesting polls from me. Feel free to vote!

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  • Император МД


    November 26, 2018 by Император МД

    Scorchers - easy Offensive Strategy that use only Scorchers. You need much Gunboat Energy to landing this army, but high damage and health make Scorchers effectively immortal army.

    Scorchers have maximum damage per second and health of all the troops in the game in counting of 1 unit. You can train only 1 Scorcher to each Landing Craft, and Landing Craft has to be level 17 minimum. So the most quantity of Scorchers can be 8 units (if you have 8 Landing Crafts from 17 to 22 level).
    The most dangerously defensive buildings against Scorchers - Cannons, Boom Cannons and Shock Launchers. General strategy:

    1. Landing army.
    2. Destroying Prototype Defenses and Shock Launchers.
    3. Destroying Cannons and Boom Cannons.
    4. Destroying Headquarters.

    Sniper Tower…

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