I am very good at making storys and I decided to make one of boom beach. Criticism is allowed :)

Chapter 1: Lt. Hammers Grunts.

Noise filled the small island of Boom. A island make to unite to take down a force known as the blackguard.

Lt.Hammerman, the boss of this orginization, Sent his grunts to do his work for him. Which is attacking the boom island. Zookas and Heavys Quickly Ran out of the Forest Shooting at the enemy riflemen. 5 riflemen got blasted down by one rocket from 1 zooka. "They must be starting off easy on us." One of the heavys Say While Shooting down the riflemen aiming at him. After a Good long hour, it was over. Lt.Hammerman Was furious. Turns out he was hiding inside his Ship. He Provided them a Stern warning that if they get into his affairs, he will not hold back. As he leaves the island, the villagers Stand still in shock of the battle

(Chapter 1 end) 

Lemme know if you want more!

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