The Strategy Section on this website says to use warriors to take Hammemans base down. It doesn't work. I've tried it. Watch the video below to see how I beat him.

Artillery level: 15 | Barrage Level: 9 | Troop Combination: 13 Grenadiers, 3 Medics, and 2 Tanks | Gunboat Energy: 70 

1. One barrage each on 2 rockets (left side); then 1 bomb each

2. Deploy all grenadiers and medics on bottom right hand side of base; flare to far right

3. When machine guns are 1/2 dead, deploy tanks and reflare to same part where you flared before

4. Destroy the 3 cannons and flamethrower to get Gunboat energy

5. Flank to the backside of base, right behind hq

6. Destroy base

How to Beat Hammerman 45!

How to Beat Hammerman 45!

How to Beat Hammerman 45

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