aka Sam

  • I live in New Hampshire, USA
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Customer Service Specialist
  • I am Male
  • GamesPain1337

    This is just a little about myself and how I raid the shores. I will update this periodically as needed:

    *** I currently play Boom Beach on an iPhone 5c.

    As of right now I am working full time and do a lot of other activities when I am not working so I look at myself as a defensive player. I spend a lot of time collecting resources via attacking when needed, however most of my game as of lately is solely developing my beach and advancing my defenses. I plan ahead deciding what buildings I will need and what I need to prioritize for upgrades so when I am at work or not able to check my beach frequently I know I will at least be in a good spot when I do return.

    Current HQ level: 20

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