Welcome to FUNLAND! This where you'll find a collection of funny Boom Beach images. Have an Ice day!

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4. C'mon, Blackguard
5. Absolute Garbage

Smokes, Smokes, Smokes
I'm gonna help these Tanks destroy the HQ!
(sorry i couldn't resist)
Is it Hard?
Looks like this one's going to be hard. It's got a level 10 Rocket Launcher.
Lol jk.
Damage (De)Amplifiers
Damage Amplifier ready! Now those rebels don't stand a chance!
Ice DAisUseless
Ice DAisUseless2
One More Hit
Come on! Just one more hit, and you would have done it! Now that guy's going to mock me!!! Oh, it hurts so deep inside!!!
Ice FunnyStuff2 060116
Was that the cake I ate earlier?
Lineup Formation
Line up, Zookas! That's the best know it is!
Ice BestFormation1
Wait! No! NOOOOOOO!!!
Ice BestFormation2
Dual Shock
Escape the Shock Launchers! What? You can't? Oh, the humanity.
Ice EternalShock 180116
Sharing is Caring
"Alright, I'll have half the HQ, and you 28 share out the rest!"
Ice LoneWarrior

Lend a Hand
"Guys? A little help please?"
Tragic Logic
"The HQ is safe! No matter if it's destroyed and there's 10 deadly missiles heading straight for it, the HQ is safe!"
  • Be careful not to step on that mine, Steve.
  • Steve? Ste-Steve? B-be a buddy Steve! Steve!

There's Danny the Medic. He never really got the concept of socialising.
Anti-Social II
"I've prescribed myself to be allergic to smoke, dust, the colour grey, large pie charts, and being near other people in general."
Ice SmokeScreen 040216
It's time to become more social, Danny.
Double Trouble
"What could possibly go wrong?"
Ice NothingWrong
"I am strong. I am courageous."
Ice FoolishHeavy 160216
"I am stupid."
Courage II
"I am brave. I am fearless."
Ice Zooka 240216
"I am dumb."
Courage III
"I am powerful. I am independent."
Ice LoneWarrior 240216
"I am going to be here for a long time."
The Rebel
Tank? You know all your friends are attacking the HQ?
Ice RebelTank
Man with a Plan
That Tank was a dimwit, but Hank isn't! Hank Heavy is a Man with a Plan!
Ice FunnyStuff1 060116
...he's the only Man with a Plan in my army.
Man without a Plan
Hank, you seem to be firing the wrong way. Come on, Hank! Oh, I had so much trust in you!
Ice WrongWay 040216

Festive Mercenary
You know times are bad when you have to attack Santa to get presents...
Ice SantaKlausBase
Blackguard Buoy
Should we take it? I think we should. Who knows what we'll find?
Ice BlackguardBuoy 150116
Mega Distraction
Excellent work soldiers. You've diverted the Mega Crab's attention to the Blackguard Mainland so that we can just sit back and watch the destruction.
Ice BlackguardCrab 150116
So...what is this amplifier amplifying exactly?
Ice Amplifier 250216
I refuse the notation that this base has more wood than stone.
Ice HarkRock 190116

  • So that's why they worship those trees. I mean, I knew those Islanders liked trees for a reason, but who knew trees could be so powerful?
  • Tree, you're treemendously mystreecal and treevine, you know? It's my detreecated responsibilitree to treeat you excellentree.
Trees II
Dr. T, we need to talk. How does putting a mine on that tree add to your defence at all?
Ice MineTree 180216
Okay, engineers. I require jet engines and 50 metre wings added to our submarine immediately.
Extra Defence
Why is there a Machine Gun under the tree? What? Extra defence you say?! you think that sticking a Machine Gun in a tree will have any effect on our defence?!
Ice 21-8-15 MachineGunTree
Take Risks
...but not too many risks, such as standing beside a Shock Launcher being barraged.
Ice Fearless 040216
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