A Warrior

I know lots of you are beginners, around HQ 8 through 10. The Warrior is one of the best troops at this time in the game, so it is frequently used. At this HQ level, you haven’t unlocked Smokescreen, so you are unable to use SW, or Smokey Warrior. But, Warriors can still be used to attack bases successfully. This is because of Shock Bombs. Shock Bombs are an effective tool at this level, disarming defenses temporarily so that the Warrior can destroy or get out of their range.

Another useful tool is the flare. Many mercenary bases at this level are poorly defended and the defenses can be flanked and avoided. You can combine Flares and Shock Bombs to flank and destroy the Enemy HQ directly, or destroy a few other buildings in the process.

Warriors happen to be very susceptible to Machine Guns and Flamethrowers. Flamethrowers deal very high DPS and can quickly mow down warriors. Similarly, Machine Guns can also mow down Warriors, but they have a small blind spot to fit Warriors in. But, they are still great threats to Warriors.

Warriors are very powerful when attacking defenses such as the Shock launcher or Rocket launcher. They can easily dodge their attacks and get into their blind spot.

This is my guide to low level Warriors! I hope you learned something!

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