I was interested in how the 25 man leader board was affected by "tribal cycles" because sometimes the boosts are very useful for operations and sometimes they are woeful. Other cyclical things things can affect the leaderboard, like temporary gunboat abilities, Mega Crab and even Prototype troops - but I hoped these effect would be small.


I took a screen capture of the 25 man leader-board every two weeks at the end of the tribes (Monday or Tuesday). I am interested in the amount of force points, not in the particular teams. I tried to take the screen captures on the day the tribes reset but it was more important to take it at the same time of day: 08:52 local time was convenient for me (my office has a nice coffee machine) (22:52 UTC). My apologies to leading teams that weren't flattered by this timing - if I had taken the screen captures at, say, 20:52 I would have got a different cohort of teams.


The leaderboard did indeed change with the tribes. The better the tribes, the higher the Force Points. This graph shows the force points of each team after two weeks of each tribal cycle. The effect is most noticable in the very top 3 or 4 teams but it gets very muddled very quickly. (#t-M stopped their push during the last week)


25 Man Leader-board Trend


25 Man Leaderboard 30-oct-2018 08:52

This picture is taken of the 25 man leaderboard after the most operation helpful tribe cycle in history of Boom Beach. The tribes were almost designed for operations. 3 very helpful abilities including the never-hoped-for smoke cost reduction. These data are the left most points on the trend. 雄狮/橘罰身边的男 is on 38 602 Force Points.

  • +50% G.B.E.
  • Smoke Cost Reduction
  • Zooka Damage


25 Man Leaderboard 12-nov-2018 08:51

Leaderboards after a good, but not as good tribal cycle. Shocks are very important for Operations (I am told). 雄狮/橘罰身边的男 is on 37 814 Force Points.

  • Shock Bomb G.B.E. reduction


25 Man Leaderboard  27-nov-2018 08:51

This is after very non-helpful tribes. The amount of damage a barrage does is great for player bases when using RZCM but is very little benefit on operations where the barrage is mainly used to clear mines when you don't mind randomly tagging surrounding defences. 雄狮/橘罰身边的男 is on 37 061 Force Points.

  • Extra Barrage damage (not useful for OPs)


25 Man Leaderboard 10-dec-2018 08:49

A good two weeks. 雄狮/橘罰身边的男 is on 37 505 Force Points.

  • +50% G.B.E.
  • Grenadier speed (not very useful for OPs)
  • Heavy Leech (not useful for OPs)


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