Statues and Strategy for Maximum Intel and Resources

To really be effective at gaining intel for your task force and to be able to obtain resources for consistent upgrades, one really needs to put priority in sculptor upgrades - get to level 8 as quick as possible.

With a level 8 sculptor you will have 10 statues. If you are like me and have not maxed out everything, resources are important. For this reason, I am an offensive player and have the following statues.

1. Resource Reward Masterpiece 2. Power Stone Chance Masterpiece 3. Gun Boat Energy Masterpiece 4. Troop Damage Masterpiece 5. Troup Health Masterpiece

This leaves 5 statues to choose from to help out your offense.

I went with...

1. Troop Damage Guardian 2. Gun Boat Energy Guardian 3. Gun Boat Energy Guardian 4. Gun Boat Energy Guardian 5. Gun Boat Energy Guardian

With this strategy combination you can boost all the masterpieces once a day (at the same time) after about 12 hours of inactivity. I find that doing so on Dr. T days, I can get plenty of intel to contribute to my task force for daily operations and can have plenty of power powder for the next day or two. I can also effectively clear my map and have the ability to upgrade the most important structures. You can boost more if you have a tough map or a tough op.

I would tell any mid level player to upgrade HQ, Vault, Armory, Landing Craft, Sculptor, Gunboat, Radar. Note there are not any defensive buildings listed here. Regardless of your VP or experience level, you will get raided. So I usually don't worry so much about defense. It is simply not that important regardless of your level.

For maximum intel, make sure you can time your boost with at least five non-player base kills, an op, and as many PVP bases in a three hour period. Getting your daily rewards will make your task force leader happy.

Green statues inhibit your power for attacks, and thus inhibits your ability to collect resources quickly. You will spend less time retraining dead troops with offensive statues.

Thanks for reading.

Kiboom - Leader of "Night Shift" #8C99R8GG"

Message me if you have other questions.

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