This guide explains the basics of using text in articles and other posts. Text is what makes up a wiki, so it is important to know how different Wikitext markups and characters work.


Plain text can be added to a page simply by adding it in the editor. No special code is needed to make normal text display. Text will automatically wrap when the maximum width of the page is reached, so you never have to worry about text going off of the page. You simply need to type out the sentences or phrases like you want them to appear to create normal text on a page.

There are easy and fundamental ways to modify content text to fit your needs. These methods are discussed in the below sections.

HTML elements are used to make more complex changes to text, but if you are just editing regular articles, there is no need to worry about using HTML elements yet. HTML elements are discussed in later editing guides such as the HTML tag guide.

Line Breaks

Pressing Enter/Return once while editing in Source Mode will not create a line break. You must press Enter/Return twice (create an empty line) to separate lines of text. You can also force a line break using the <br /> tag. See the following examples:

Enter/Return pressed once between lines Source:
Line one
Line two

Line one Line two

Enter/Return pressed twice between line Source:
Line one

Line two

Line one

Line two

Break tag Source:
Line one<br/>Line two

Line one
Line two

Wikitext Mark-ups

Wikitext is a type of code that is built for readability. It uses simple characters to change text in fundamental ways. Below are the basic uses of Wikitext to modify text.

Mark-up Result
Italic Text ''Text'' Text
Bold Text '''Text''' Text
Bold and Italic Text '''''Text''''' Text
Underlined Text <u>Text</u> Text
:Indented Text

Not Indented
Indented Text

Not Indented


===Smaller Header===

====Even Smaller Header====


Smaller Header

Even Smaller Header

Bulleted List^
* Point One
* Point Two
** More About Point Two
* Point Three
  • Point One
  • Point Two
    • More About Point Two
  • Point Three
Numbered List^
# Number One
# Number Two
## More About Number Two
# Number Three
  1. Number One
  2. Number Two
    1. More About Number Two
  3. Number Three
Horizontal Line^ ----

^Must be the first thing on a line to work

Other Types of Wikitext

These guides discuss other pieces of content that can be added to pages using Wikitext. See the respective guide to learn how to add the following:

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