It is good to know how to use URLs and page names to navigate the wiki and create links. This guide explains how to read and understand Boom Beach Wiki URLs and page names.

Below is a URL for a page on the wiki. It has portions highlighted, and each portion is explained in the sections below.


This is the address of the wiki as a whole. Any URL to almost any page on the Boom Beach Wiki will begin with the portion highlighted in blue above.

The domain is separated from the namespace by a slash [/].


The protion highlighted in yellow is the namespace. To learn about namespaces and what they do and mean, visit the Namespace guide.

The namespace is separated from the domain by a slash [/]. It is separated from the page name by a colon [:].

Page Name

The green highlighted portion of the URL is the name of the page in the namespace. If the URL has a namespace, a page name must come after it. The page name is displayed at the top of the page above the content. The page name is chosen upon the page's creation.

Page names along with namespaces are all that are needed in an internal link. For example:


links to the same place as

[[User:King Dragonhoff]]

Read more about links in the link guide.

The page name is separated from the namespace by a colon [:]. It is separated from the sub-page name (if applicable) by a slash [/].

Sub-page Name

The highlighted URL leads to a page called "Editing" which is highlighted in pink. That page is a sub-page of the "King Dragonhoff" page which is located in the "User blog" namespace. A sub-page is a page that contains more content about the page that it is a sub-page to.

Sub-pages can also be sub-pages of a sub-page. For example: This page's URL is "Page_Names_and_URLs" is a sub-page of the sub-page "Editing".

Sub-pages are separated from the page name and each other by slashes [/].

Things to Note

  • If a namespace, page name, etc. normally has a space in it, the space must be converted to an underscore [_] in the URL, or the URL will not work. This does not apply to internal links, however. Example: [[Blackguard Base]] has a space, but it results in this: Blackguard Base.
  • Changing the "boombeach" portion of URL will take you to a different wiki. Example:
  • Adding ?action=edit to the end of a page's URL and then going to that address takes you to the page's editor.

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