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Templates are pages in the Template Namespace that are transcluded into multiple content pages. When a template is transcluded, the template page is copied onto the page. Templates can also be used to process inputs and display different results using parameters.

Template Mark-ups

The basic template Wikitext mark-up is the template's name surrounded by two curly brackets. Example:

{{No Image}}

Templates can also have parameters which are inputs that are processed by the template to change how it displays. If a template has parameters, they will be listed on the template's documentation on its page. Parameters are separated from the template name and each other by pipes [|]. The parameter name/number (if applicable) is separated from the actual input by an equal sign [=]. Parameters can be named or unnamed.


This template has a named parameter called "level":


This template has two named parameters called "RES" and "SIZE":


This template has an unnamed parameter:


This template has two unnamed parameters:


Parameters do not need to be listed inline. This markup...

}} equivalent to this markup:


Important Templates

Below are lists of templates that we use frequently here. If you want to learn more about what a specific template does, visit that template's page by clicking the link. There, you will find the template's documentation.

Article Management

These templates are posted at the top of a page to classify it. Each one creates a large banner and places the affected page into a category.

See Article management templates

Images and Decoration

These templates are used to make pages look their best.


These templates are used mostly on User pages for fun.


These templates are used to do math. They are mostly used for calculators or tables.


Lookup templates are used within calculators and other templates to provide the statistics of in-game units to them. These templates are located in Category:Lookup Templates. All of these templates have only one named parameter. That parameter is "level" for most of the these lookups. The following Lookups use parameters other than "level":

CSS Shortcuts

These templates help when writing CSS in elements. These templates allow you to enter information for a CSS property once and have the template automatically reproduce that property with all compatibility prefixes.


  • Template:Protection - places a stoplight at the top of the page that shows that page's protection level
  • Template:MagicWords - inserts the NOTOC and NOEDITSECTION magic words into pages
  • Template:Documentation - used on template pages (inside noinclude tags) to display information about how to use that template
  • Template:InvisHeader - creates an invisible header that can be linked to
  • Template:Help - creates a small icon that can be clicked or hovered over to offer help about something on a page

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