Sure, he did not have the best base, but this is my first level 61 take-down. Level 61 means he has everything (or nearly everything) maxed: defenses, landing craft, troops, mines, everything. He had his maxed Shock Launchers right on either side of the HQ which made it easy to shock everything that would be close enough to be a significant threat with just two shock bombs.

His mines were no better. He had one line along the beach and a cluster right against the HQ. Two artillery on the front line and a barrage on the HQ eliminated that threat. If you want to defend better against Warriors, you have to place your mines in a more spread out fashion so that it is hard to take most of them out with a low cost of energy.


Once I took out the mines, I simply ran up the left side of the base to the HQ, shocked most of the defenses near enough to damage my troops, and easily destroyed the HQ. This just goes to show you: It does not matter if you have a maxed base if you are inexperienced at the game. It takes practice to succeed in Boom Beach.


Update (12-23-14)


Recently, I took down a real base. He was a level 60, but he pretty much had maxed defenses, and he was using a pretty good corner base. I think this is a better Highest Level Take-Down record for now.

Update (1-31-15)

Since the above update, I have defeated a couple more maxed bases, but I had to have my statues boosted for each one. Well today, I finally took down a maxed base without using Power Powder...