Last night, I boosted my offensive statues for the first time with Power Powder and went on to beat many player bases with XP levels up to 49 as well as dominate Dr. Terror. Over the course of the night, I stole approximately:

  • 13.3 million gold
  • 11.2 million wood
  • 7.9 million stone
  • 4.5 million iron

Last night, Dr. Terror set up his volcano base. With my troop damage and health masterpieces and Gunboat energy masterpiece and guardian boosted, I plowed through this bases with my level 12 Warriors, and I managed to beat his 20th stage for the first time ever. With my Resource Reward masterpiece and guardian boosted as well, I raked in the loot, and my boosted Power Stone chance masterpiece got me a couple dark crystals on the way. I used the loot from Terror to upgrade my HQ to level 18, started my Barrage to level 10, and I started sculpting the dark masterpiece.

I continued on take down most of the player bases on my map. At my Victory Point range of around 570, I find players with XP levels of around 43-49 frequently, but they also have great amounts of loot. I used my Power Powder boosts well and upgraded my Sculptor to level 7 and my Gunboat to 18. Yes, I used diamonds to speed up the time on my HQ and sculptor, but it was well worth it. I used the gold to explore all the remaining regions on my map and send my submarine on a very deep dive. After that, I could not use gold on anything else, so I had full storages for the rest of the night.

I continued to clear my map of player bases and then moved on to NPC Blackguard bases. This gave me enough to start upgrading my vault to level 17, so I sped up the time on my Gunboat and started that. After that, my map was almost clear, but I had one more goal in mind.

I took down a few more NPC Blackguard bases and even a couple Resource Bases. Doing this, I finally reached 600 Victory Points for the first time and got 1000 diamonds from the achievement. My Power Powder boosts were about to run out and my map was almost entirely clear, so having upgraded so many things, I got off for the night.


In the end, I got my Barrage to level 10, my HQ to 18, my Sculptor to 7, my Gunboat to 18, and my Vault to 17. I reached 600 Victory points, so I only spent a total of about 1000 diamonds even though I sped up so many things. I also explored every clouded region on my map. Finally, the dark masterpiece I sculpted turned out to be a Gunboat Energy +40%! I achieved many big things on Boom that night.