BBW-TF-Badge Boom Beach Wiki
Task Force Tag: #PJ0GVC
Member Capacity: 50
Current Operation: Choke Point

Greetings, this is the Official Task Force of the Boom Beach Wiki. We have daily Operations, mature and intelligent chat, and experienced members. Welcome to our Task Force page.

If you wish to join, please request to join in-game. If we are full, express your interest on this thread.

Entry Requirements
  • 7+ Level 16 Landing Craft
  • 4+ Offensive Statues
  • 400+ Victory Points


Cjj1 (Acting Leader)
Suy (Co-Leader)
Striblich (Co-Leader)
Ctome3 (Away)
King Dragonhoff

Guy Fawkes

  1. Operations
    1. Attacking in Operations is required. Not attacking will result in a kick. If you are going to be away for a while and unable to play, notify an officer prior to this absence.
    2. Always follow the plan for a Power Base that is expressed in the base's note.
    3. Never destroy large amounts of Power Cells (8+) without discussing it with an officer first.
    4. Never retreat in an Operation attack.
    5. Do not attack a base that is too easy for you. If a lower member can destroy it, leave it for them.
    6. If you are not sure what to do in your attack, discuss it in chat.
    7. If the leadership decides that the Task Force is running too low on Intel and the Task Force needs to stock up, there will be a 24 hour gap where no Operation will be active.
    8. Sabotage should never be used.
  2. Chat
    1. Do not swear, spam, act rude, pester others, or start arguments.
    2. Keep the chat casual and mature.
    3. If someone does not answer you right away, do not take it seriously. They may just be attacking, answering someone else, or away from the keyboard at the moment.
  3. Kicking
    1. The leader should kick people from the Task Force. It is not the job of co-leaders and officers unless the leader is not online and the person in question is causing serious problems in chat.
    2. The following make you a candidate for a kick:
      1. not attacking in 3 consecutive incomplete Operations
      2. not attacking in 4 out of the last 6 incomplete Operations
      3. less than 45 Intel gathered in one week (certain exceptions apply)
      4. repeatedly wasting Operation attacks (not following plan, retreating, destroying 8+ Power Cells without officer's permission)
      5. unacceptable behavior in chat
  4. Ranks
    1. Do not beg to be promoted. This will only result in you being trusted less.
    2. Officers should only accept people into the Task Force who meet the requirements listed above and have not been kicked out previously.
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