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If you use some of our Calculators frequently, you will probably be interested in a way to fill out the forms quicker. Auto-Fill is a feature for our calculators that uses information that you save to complete the calculations.

The following pages support Auto-Fill:

The following templates use Auto-Fill:


1. You should have a wiki account to use Auto-Fill. Click the button below to create and begin editing your new Auto-Fill page.

Button Disabled

Notice: If you created your Auto-Fill page before the latest update, you will need to add any new troops, Gunboat Weaponry, buildings, etc. to your Auto-Fill page. Check the bottom section of this page for the latest Auto-Fill form.

2. Fill out the lists that appear on your Auto-Fill page with the levels of your things. Note: If you have not unlocked one of the troops or weaponries, leave its level blank. If you have not built a certain building, leave its level blank. If you do not have all ten statues, leave any information for statues that you have not built blank. Below is an example of a filled-out section of an Auto-Fill page. Notice how the level values are positioned:

Troop Levels

Filling Out the Statues List
Besides the Prototype Defenses, only the statue parameters will use anything other than levels. For each numbered statue, you will input a statue type, size, power, and amount.

These are the valid types.

These are the valid sizes.

These are the valid powers.
Gold meaning Gold production increase
Wood meaning Wood production increase
Stone meaning Stone production increase
Iron meaning Iron production increase
Resource meaning All resource production increase
Building Health meaning Building health increase
Building Damage meaning Defensive building damage increase
Troop Health meaning Troop health increase
Troop Damage meaning Troop damage increase
Gunboat meaning Gunboat energy increase
Reward meaning Resource reward increase
Power Stone meaning Power stone chance increase

The amounts are the percent of increase that the statue gives its attribute. For example: If I have a 31% Troop Damage Masterpiece, I would enter 31 as its amount.

There are currently no plans to use the levels of defensive buildings in our calculators, so you can choose to leave those slots blank. However, if you intend to use {{AutoProfile}} (mentioned above), you will need to enter the levels of your defensive buildings and keep them up to date. If applicable, you should enter one of these options for the "prototype1" and "prototype2" slots:

  • Doom Cannon
  • Shock Blaster
  • Lazor Beam
  • Damage Amplifier
  • Shield Generator

3. Publish your page (Note: Once you publish it, the page will appear blank, but the data is still there.) and go to the calculator that you wish to use that uses Auto-Fill. At the bottom of the input form, there will be a box labelled Auto-Fill. Enter your username into the box. Note: The input boxes on the form will not change to reflect the info supplied by Auto-Fill, but once you submit the form, the calculator will use the information regardless. Then, add the information that is not supplied by Auto-Fill into their boxes. A section labelled Auto-Fill at the top part of the page will tell you what parts do not use Auto-Fill. Finally, submit the form and the calculator will use the Auto-Fill and the other entered information to produce the result.

You may want to put the link to your Auto-Fill page on your user page or your browser's bookmarks or favorites so that you can return to it and update it easily.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on my message wall.

Latest Auto-Fill Form


Troop Levels
-->|Rifleman= <!--
-->|Heavy= <!--
-->|Zooka= <!--
-->|Warrior= <!--
-->|Tank= <!--
-->|Medic= <!--
-->|Grenadier= <!--
-->|Scorcher= <!--

Landing Craft Levels
-->|LC1= <!--
-->|LC2= <!--
-->|LC3= <!--
-->|LC4= <!--
-->|LC5= <!--
-->|LC6= <!--
-->|LC7= <!--
-->|LC8= <!--

Weaponry Levels
-->|Artillery= <!--
-->|Flare= <!--
-->|Medkit= <!--
-->|ShockBomb= <!--
-->|Barrage= <!--
-->|SmokeScreen= <!--
-->|Critters= <!--

Gunboat Level
-->|Gunboat= <!--

-->|sculptor= <!--

-->|statuetype1= <!--
-->|statuesize1= <!--
-->|statuepower1= <!--
-->|statueamount1= <!--

-->|statuetype2= <!--
-->|statuesize2= <!--
-->|statuepower2= <!--
-->|statueamount2= <!--

-->|statuetype3= <!--
-->|statuesize3= <!--
-->|statuepower3= <!--
-->|statueamount3= <!--

-->|statuetype4 = <!--
-->|statuesize4 = <!--
-->|statuepower4 = <!--
-->|statueamount4 = <!--

-->|statuetype5= <!--
-->|statuesize5= <!--
-->|statuepower5= <!--
-->|statueamount5= <!--

-->|statuetype6= <!--
-->|statuesize6= <!--
-->|statuepower6= <!--
-->|statueamount6= <!--

-->|statuetype7= <!--
-->|statuesize7= <!--
-->|statuepower7= <!--
-->|statueamount7= <!--

-->|statuetype8= <!--
-->|statuesize8= <!--
-->|statuepower8= <!--
-->|statueamount8= <!--

-->|statuetype9= <!--
-->|statuesize9= <!--
-->|statuepower9= <!--
-->|statueamount9= <!--

-->|statuetype10= <!--
-->|statuesize10= <!--
-->|statuepower10= <!--
-->|statueamount10= <!--

All items below this are unnessesary if you only intend to use Auto-Fill for calculators. If you intend to use Template:AutoProfile, these need to be filled in.

-->|experiencelevel= <!--
-->|headquarters= <!--
-->|armory= <!--
-->|radar= <!--
-->|submarine= <!--
-->|weaponlab= <!--

-->|Sniper1= <!--
-->|Sniper2= <!--
-->|Sniper3= <!--
-->|Sniper4= <!--
-->|Sniper5= <!--
-->|Sniper6= <!--

-->|MG1= <!--
-->|MG2= <!--
-->|MG3= <!--
-->|MG4= <!--
-->|MG5= <!--

-->|Mortar1= <!--
-->|Mortar2= <!--
-->|Mortar3= <!--
-->|Mortar4= <!--

-->|Cannon1= <!--
-->|Cannon2= <!--
-->|Cannon3= <!--
-->|Cannon4= <!--
-->|Cannon5= <!--
-->|Cannon6= <!--

-->|Flamethrower1= <!--
-->|Flamethrower2= <!--
-->|Flamethrower3= <!--
-->|Flamethrower4= <!--

-->|BoomCannon1= <!--
-->|BoomCannon2= <!--
-->|BoomCannon3= <!--
-->|BoomCannon4= <!--
-->|BoomCannon5= <!--

-->|RocketLauncher1= <!--
-->|RocketLauncher2= <!--
-->|RocketLauncher3= <!--

-->|ShockLauncher1= <!--
-->|ShockLauncher2= <!--

Prototype Defenses
-->|prototype1= <!--
-->|prototype1mark= <!--
-->|prototype2= <!--
-->|prototype2mark= <!--

-->|Mines= <!--
-->|MineLevel= <!--
-->|BoomMines= <!--
-->|BoomMineLevel= <!--
-->|ShockMines= <!--
-->|ShockMineLevel= <!--

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