DISCLAIMER: Still not as legendary as KD's Legendary Night of Raiding, but somewhat the same idea here.

MagmaHound Scorcher

Look at my storages the day before the raiding. Ignore the Scorcher lol :)

So I logged in to Boom Beach earlier today and I decided to clear out most of my map so I could get the Sculptor upgrade for finally. I started out with full Wood and Stone, but had a massive lack of Iron.

I boosted up literally all of my offense statues and went off to clear off NPCs and other players with Tmed. I only beat Terror stage 5 (lazy to do 6), but that didn't matter, every bit of his Iron counted.

MagmaHound BigLoot1

Too much Gold :D

As I finished off NPCs I turned onto the player bases. I had so much Gold I decided to use them on exploring the three remaining clouds I had on my Radar 18. Even though I won a load of Wood and Stone from each base it didn't matter at all and they were all lost. If only I had maxed out all my Wood and Stone storages :(

MagmaHound BigLoot2

Too much Wood and Stone :P This raid could provide half the resources you'd need to upgrade your HQ to 16 :P

I still had enough Gold to go around as I cleared out countless player bases without casualties despite some having Prototype Defenses and Ice Statues with up to about 40% BH.

Once that was done, I finally managed to get the Gold to upgrade my Tanks to level 10 and more importantly, got the Iron needed to get the Sculptor upgraded to level 8!

All of this was done without using a single diamond, and all of the bases I attacked I managed to destroy all in one go thanks to my boosted statues.

Total casualties tally through all this: one Medic, zero Tanks. And no, I didn't spend diamonds to load him up quick, as you can see in the first pic, I attacked with only 11 Medics instead of my usual 12.

TL;DR : This was what I got from the raiding.

MagmaHound Sculptor8

I'll open up Deep Cut and see the Base Levels soon :)

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