So this is a little blog containing images about the funny stuff I encounter while playing BB. I will update this with new images whenever I get the time :)

Oh, and if you haven't viewed the other guys' funny stuffs check them out below:

Have a nice day! Yeah, I don't pun like Ice does :(
MagmaHoundTalkUser Blog12:43,17-Jun-2015

General Stuffs


Oh dear, how are our Landing Crafts still working if they crashed against each other?

Commemoration of Trying

MagmaH VPForLosing
Well I don't see a reason why Hammerman gave A&A Bros a medal for trying anyways...

Crashed II

MagmaH Crashed
Okay, who decided to land our maxed boat right smack in the middle of a regular one? I don't understand how my Landing Crafts are still working anymore.

Waste Disposal

CaptainM AbandonedArm
Look who's reluctant to have a level 1 Armory because well it has like no real useful upgrades in it.

The Traitors

MagmaH BarrageMutiny
All of you refused to fight in the Operation? I smell traitors! I'd like you guys to gather round Terror Island where I'll skillfully execute all of you!

Balancing Act

MagmaH TankBalance
Tank, be careful not to let the Mine tip off, I don't want my Medics to waste 8 mini Medkits to heal you back to working condition, ya know.

One Off

MagmaH NiceBoosts
Being prudent, it is not correct to say that this Cannon's health is boosted by ten thousand. But I guess 99.99% of people don't really care and call the boost ten thousand... right?


Hard NPC(?)

MagmaH HardNPC
That looks like a hard base, Jaw Dropper it seems, but what's with the weak HQ?

MagmaH HardNPCBlown
C'mon Blackguard... I blown that HQ in 3 hits!!! THREE HITS!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

No, It Doesn't Work

MagmaH Outdated
That awkward moment when you realize C-Med, one of the trolliest army comps, doesn't work anymore :(

The Rebel

MagmaH Rebel
Mister Warrior (on the left), all your friends are all headed towards that Flare on the far right, why aren't you! Stop standing still or we might lose!

Did I... Did I win?

MagmaH TS6Down1
Looks like I beat Terror stage 6.

MagmaH TS6Down2
Wait...... what? So did I win or not?

Wandering Grens

MagmaH WanderingGs1
Usual Grenadier attack, nothing wrong, am I right?

MagmaH WanderingGs2
No wait wait wait!!! Come back here! Where are you all going!?

MagmaH WanderingGs3
Maybe once I go home I'll find out who's responsible for drinking our entire supply of fresh wine. But I think I've already known the culprits. They're all dead, so I guess that saves us some bullets.

Operation Goofs

Wrong Way

MagmaH WrongWay
Troops, I'm pretty sure you're going the wrong way... the last Flare thrown is over there, not where you're going :/

Choose One

MagmaH ChooseOne
Boom Cannon, listen to me, choose a target you perceive to be your greatest threat... wait, no! Not the Critters! How are you scared of Critters?

Just Here to Watch the Show

MagmaH SpectatingWarriors
Warriors, A&A Bros isn't intending to send you guys on a suicide attack but he wants you to see this... yeah pity it'll probably be the last spectacle you'll see.

MagmaH SpectatingWarriors2
You guys are still here to see bases blow themselves up? Either you're lucky or you're lazy.


MagmaH HealthRecord
Honestly, I wonder how this Power Core is still standing. It looks so fully intact, yet a gentle breeze will probably bring it crashing down.

Distorted Defenses

MagmaH Distorted
Why... why does everything look like this? This is honestly disturbing :/

Wet Docks

MagmaH WetDock
Call the Blackguard to clean up, please. Someone's Landing Crafts have just made a good splash onto the mainland.
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