This is simply a list of terms that I have coined for my own personal use while playing Boom Beach. Prior to this blog being written I seriously don't think you would know any of these terms at all. Oh well, now that I've shared it here...

Term Meaning Origin Example Usage
<number>-<number> <number of Barrages>-<number of Artillery>. For example, 1-2 refers to 1 Barrage and 2 Artillery. Simply because I wanted to omit the words themselves when I think to myself about Barting to destroy a defense. "I think we need to upgrade our Arty and Barrage so that we can 1-1 maxed out Boom Cannons."
<number>-<number> <army comp> Refers to <army comp> consisting of<troop level of 1st troop>-<troop level of 2nd troop>. For example, 17-16 Hooka refers to Hooka with level 17 Heavies and level 16 Zookas. Simply a faster way to say the levels of troops in an army comp consisting of two or more troops. "I'm pretty sure that Terror stage 5 today was impossible even with 8-4 T-med!"
Anti-Shock Two buildings are said to be Anti-Shock if a single Shock Bomb cannot immobilize them both, which can prove extremely useful. Figured that two buildings that require two separate Shock Bombs would be inefficient to immobilize with Shock Bombs (19 energy minimum), and thus they would be effective against Shock Bombs. Anti-X usually referred to when the base is set up to defend against X, and the buildings are set up to defend well against Shocks, hence Anti-Shock. "If you want to better defend your Resource Bases better make those Boom Cannons anti-shock, so that attackers won't stand a chance!"
Auto Refers to a point in attacking that does not require any micromanagement abilities by the Gunboat, or an upgrade that is very easy to get. Originates from the fact that the attack/upgrade is so easy to get, it is practically considered "automatic". "Getting the Sniper Towers from level 12 to level 13 are so auto when I'm a HQ20 :D"
Death Rate The number of times a player gets raided as seen in the daily report. Simply taken from the demographic term of the same name, also refers to the fact that raids in the daily report section of the Activity Log are represented by skulls, which relates to death. "Karma has really hit me, my death rate is like 8 per day now"
SF Shock and Flare A term I coined to say Shock + Flare easier. Not to be confused with significant figures or anything else. "So what I'm thinking here would be to SF the Cannon over there, and Flare our Tanks over to the right..."
Tier <number> Resource Base Refers to a Resource Base producing a certain amount of resources per hour: Tier 1 refers to a 210/hr RB, Tier 2 refers to a 360/hr RB, Tier 3 refers to a 580/hr RB, Tier 4 refers to a 900/hr RB, Tier 5 refers to a 1320/hr RB, Tier 6 refers to a 1800/hr RB and Tier 7 refers to a 2400/hr RB. Simply because some Resource Bases are better than others after all, they are considered to me as higher-tiered than others. "If you want a high production per hour, make sure to take all the Tier 5, 6 and 7 Resource Bases and not the Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 ones."

More coming soon :P

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