Medics don't make troops invincible. They just make them more resistant to AoE defenses as far as my opinion goes.

  • The result of the battle on the activity log.
  • The base, before the attack. If you were a level 41 how would you try to beat this base?
  • Sure, he takes down a Sniper before landing. Because front-line Snipers are a Grenadier's worst nightmare.
  • A Rocket Launcher and a Mortar, both maxed. No problem, Medics got this.
  • Emm... skulls? That's not supposed to happen, not now!
  • After he retreats, look at the damage done on the base. One out of 32 buildings destroyed, which was the Sniper he took out earlier XD

Before I start off with the presentation of proof, I would have to say I have had those times where my Tmed lost some Tanks while hit by only AoE defenses. Yes, sometimes it involved me going up against the multi-Rocket Launcher base, and sometimes against Dr. Terror where even a massed amount of Mortars, Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers bested my Tanks and Medics, at least beating 1 or 2 Tanks, or even defeating my whole army.

So this guy came up with Grenadiers and Medics and decided to attack my Resource Base. Yes, he's crazy going up against a level 60 base, that is boosted up with 24% Building Health on all maxed out defenses. Sure a Rocket Launcher and a Mortar. That's probably gonna do nothing, right? Wrong. With the first salvo of the Rocket Launcher and the first Mortar shell, three Grenadiers go down.

Another two and a Medic after the second Mortar shell, and as he orders the retreat, one more Gren and one more Medic go down with the third Mortar shell.

Damage done: Not even close.

Lesson learnt: Never underestimate maxed Mortars when they're combined with a RL :P

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