Task force update

    October 27, 2014 by RAWNESS

    The new Boom Beach update is awesome! It shows how the folks at Supercell really understand their community. Social interaction was missing, so they added task forces. Now you can be part of a group of at max 50 players and do stuff together. Combine intel to start operations and get rewarded for the total number of buildings your group destroys.

    Operations require teamplay. Every player gets one chance to attack a target base during 24 hours. When he/she fails another player can choose to continue that base raid, where his/her teammate ended. Afterwards each player welcomes a resource boat with their equal share of the total rewards. Strong teams will benefit greatly.

    Task forces start with one and room for another four players. The leader …

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    Rawness 1.0

    October 12, 2014 by RAWNESS

    Boom there it is! As promised my second blog has special powers. Please let me proudly introduce Rawness 1.0 to you. This is no ordinary spreadsheet, but a troop-and- face-saving-tool to help you improve your tactics. And the best thing is: you don’t need to know zip about Excel to use it.

    By the time it’s ready I will find a way to make the tool available to all players. In the meanwhile I will give you a sneak peek and explain the basic concept. I just finished the first part, so now I can show you some screenshots to get the idea. By the way this thing actually works.

    OK, here we go. The first screenshot shows what I call “Crafty landing”. This is an interactive menu, that allows you to fill your landing crafts. Each craft has three butto…

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    30 levels in 30 days

    September 28, 2014 by RAWNESS

    What's booming people?

    Today I will share my first blog with all of you. If you like to see more, leave a comment below. Otherwise I might think nobody is actually reading this, which would make this a very short adventure.

    As a start I want to explain, how I got to level 30 in less than a month. To be honest I'm not sure if it were 30 days or 29 or even 28, but it is definitely close. Anyway I don't spend cash, have a real life too and consider myself a casual gamer. I'm hoping my experiences can help some of you to enjoy this game even more.

    Goals & strategy

    The first question I ask myself in a game like this is: "What do I want to get out of this?" I don't want to be a top ranking player or anything, since I don't spend cash. Since this is …

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