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  • Thakkudus

    Disclaimer: This is not intended in any way to mock the blog page by Ice.

    It was around the time when i started in this wiki that i came across the cutely designed base called True Love. In the conversation, I read that it was designed by a forumer named Altrer and was not intended to be of that level defenses or low HQ, which someone who sees it on the map can easily destroy with Barrage and artillery. It was sad that True love was that weak. I had grown out of the level True love appears and levelled up my NPCs a bit and then it was kind of fading into a memory.

    How the Old true love was

    Then it came, the June 2015 update. After updating the app i log in and first thing i see is a new NPC spawn and voila! it is true love (level 43). I was likā€¦

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